Alexander McQueen Fashion and Accessories on Sale

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Los Angeles based CLD PR has announced that they are now selling their collection of Alexander McQueen fashion and accessories on sale via eBay.  According to CLD PR, they  have  “one of the largest Alexander McQueen archive in North America.”  The collection has been carefully curated over a 10 year period, with the vast majority of the pieces being designed by Lee Alexander McQueen himself prior to his untimely passing.

Alexander McQueen Vintage Inspired Styles

A selection of Alexander McQueen Vintage Inspired Styles from the runway, featured on the CLD Sale.

After many years of being unwilling to part with any of their McQueen collection, CPD PR has  decided to sell it on line on eBay.  Many of these pieces are one-of-a-kinds, runway pieces, couture works of art, and rare or sentimental. If you’re a McQueen fan, this is a chance to own a piece of fashion history.  The sale features apparel, shoes, belts, hats and jackets.  All the items are “pre-owned”  aka pre-loved, so be sure to check the pictures carefully before bidding.

 Alexander McQueen Sale

CLD PR’s Alexander McQueen Sale offers savings from 90% to 50% off of retail.

The CLD Alexander McQueen collection can now be found on sale on eBay. Shoppers can bid on the items, or use the “buy it now” feature to immediately buy an Alexander McQueen item.  I’ve already put a few of the items from the sale on my eBay watch list, which is a way to monitor the auction, prior to placing a bid.

Following are a few images on items featured on the  sale.

Alexander McQueen sale

Alexander McQueen fashions that are featured for sale now on eBay from CLD.


Alexander McQueen formal wear and bowling hat

The sale features a wide variety of items, from McQueen evening gowns to bowler hats.


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