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For those of you who have not heard, Los Angeles was shaken today by a 5.8 Earthquake. There I was sitting, working quietly at home, wearing my fabby BedHead PJSwhen the house began to pitch…and pitch.. and pitch. It felt like it lasted 5 mins! I stumbled out in the street to escape, and then, it just stopped!!! BAM…the quake, ended, but my heart was still racing.
Needless to say, a short time later…my anxiety was out of control. I went to my local gym for a 1hr aquatic class, but that didn’t even make a dent in my anxiety.
What was I to do?? Sadly, I took refuge with a favorite gal pal at the Cheesecake Factory in Redondo Beach and indulged in two Asian Pear Martinis. They were delicious, but pricey. However, still suffering in the aftershock, I was a prisoner to their prices and shelled out $22.00 for two of these amazing & calming potions. This mix of sake, vodka and pear liquer helped me forget that the BIG ONE, might be coming any second. Yes, California can get QUAKED at any moment, and there is nothing I can do. So, I took solice in my martinis 🙂 When the quake hits, you can’t wait for discounted drinks to be served–its a state of emergency.!!! 🙂
Although I personally did not benefit today, I did learn that even the mighty Cheesecake Factory is getting INTO the Recession spirit.
I want to pass onto two specials to my blog readers:
1) Tomorrow, July 3oth, all Cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory will be $1.50 per slice to celebrate their 30th anniversary. This is one day only!!!
2) The Cheesecake Factory Bar is now serving small appetizers from 4-6 pm at lower prices.
And finally, the best Tuesday night special is tonight in Hermosa Beach at Mediterraneo. Selected Tapas are half-price all night and drinks are discounted 5-7. If I wasn’t still so shaken, not stirred, from the aftershocks, I’d be down at Mediterraneo right now!!

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