Guide to Tech Gifts & Tech Accessories

The Recessionista’s Guide to Tech Gifts & Accessories

Microsoft  Tech Gifts

Microsoft Games, Gadgets and Tablets

Xbox 360 and Kinect:  These products offer  all-in-one entertainment experience for the whole family.  Save $50.00 online at the Microsoft store on Xbox now.

Surface: If you’re an Microsoft Office  user, who uses Powerpoint, Word and Excel for business  then you need your Office products to be portable.  That’s why I have a Windows Phone in addition to my iPhone.  Surface is Microsoft’s new  tablet product and it makes a great portable workstation or entertainment center. I got to test drive the Surface tablet at Microsoft’s Holiday Party in Venice this week.  It’s uber compact and lightweight and easily fits into your handbag.  There’s easy access to all the money saving Bing tools like the shopping and travel planning sections of Bing.  I understand it also has a small built in camera, although I didn’t get to try that.  The 32 GB Surface starts at $499 US.  The pricing is comparable to the iPad.

Wedge Mobile Mouse & Keyboard:  These portable products give tablet users  a quick way to connect to full-size keyboard & mouse efficiency. The Wedge Mobile Mouse is approx. $70.00 US.  Mobile Keyboards start at $49.95.

 Skype Gift Cards:  Use Skye to call friends and family across the US and around the world.  Skype reduces your long distance phone bills. Skype is one of The Recessionista’s best friends. I don’t call the UK without it!


Apple Products and Accessories

Unfortunately Apple doesn’t really do sales, unless you are a student or a teacher it’s hard to get a deal. However, their iPad and MacBook Air make great gifts if you can afford the price tag.  Look for deals on iPads at Best Buy, Walmart and Target.  They offer the holiday discounts on the iPads with in-store promotions.   Check the Apple Holiday Gift Guide for their latest pricing.  The new iPad mini (competitor to Surface) is selling for just about $330.00 US.  Smart Cover for iPads are about $40.00.

 iPhone/iPad Gifts and Accessories at affordable prices

The range of great iPhone cases and iPad covers has really increased their only some many practical and affordable options and they make great gifts.  Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx and Kohl’s all have great iPad accessories and iPhone cases at affordable prices.

TJMaxx/Marshalls: All kinds of iPhone 4 cases and even designer iPad cases.

JC Penney has Jenny Packham tablet cases ($14.00), Lulu Guinness cell phone cases plus Vivienne Tam tablet cases & cell phone cases.

Kohl’s: Lots of great iPad accessories and iPhone docking stations. Kohl’s offers an Innovative iPad case with Blue Tooth Keyboard on sale for $43.99.  Use a Kohl’s coupon or shop via eBates to further reduce the price.  They even have an iPad case with a keyboard and a telephone handset perfect for Skype calls.

Zazzle: Check online for their selection of iPhone 3, 4 & 5 cases. They are affordable and stylish. They even have Keep Calm & Carry On cases.

Nordstrom Rack has a great selection of tech gifts at affordable prices.  Look for these items online and at your local store. I evaluated all these items hands-on and these are some terrific gifts for techies.

  • iPad Bluetooth Keyboard case for $49.97
  • Brookstone slim umbrella with flash light at the end to light your way  $9.97
  • Green & Grey iPhone 4 cases for $14.97
  • NIKE iPhone 4 cases for $19.97
  • DCI Car Charger for iPhone 4 $17.97
  • DCI Stylus Pen for iPad $8.97 (keeps your screen free of smudges!)
  • Touchscreen Gloves, iPhone/iPad/iPod GlovesTexting Gloves for $16.97  Keep your hands warm while still being able to use your mobile device for using your apps or texting.  The gloves come in multiple colors.