Welcome to our redesign! TheRecessionista.com

Welcome to TheRecessionista.com

The Recessionista® has been online since 2008 covering fashion, deals, beauty products and generally finding the best for less. Here’s what some of our well known readers think of the website!

We are excited to see the new design of TheRecessionista.com by Mary Hall. The Recessionista is a wealth of resource that is completely free, highlighting where consumers can find quality for price. The Recessionista offers a unique point of view from a writer who is always out there experiencing the things she is writing about – often in real time. That’s one of the many reasons why the website is so valuable, and why Mary has been such a key social influencer.”

                                         —-Justin Cooke, Topshop Chief Marketing Officer


It’s great to see Mary expand her website and offerings with a new look and feel. Over the last four years, The Recessionista has been an important part of the Democratization of American Fashion. We’ve followed the site since it was launched in 2008, and it’s been a showcase for great fashions at good prices. I look forward to reading the expanded lifestyle sections and browsing through the new site. I’m glad to see a small business like The Recessionista developing and  thriving even in the midst of a recession.”     

                                      — —     fashion designer Norma Kamali