Catherine Malandrino Partners with LACOSTE for Spring

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Pictured:  A piece from the new LACOSTE and Malandrino collection.

Sacré bleu.  Catherine Malandrino has partnered with French preppy brand LACOSTE   I wore a lot of LACOSTE in college and high school (known as IZOD then by many), and not much since then.  I don’t think I am alone, and that’s why the French brand with the distinctive alligator logo has hired the French designer.  But what is Ms. Malandrino going to do for LACOSTE in terms of fashion? After all, LACOSTE is really know for one distinctive item, the preppy polo shirt with the trademark green alligator.   Cute, but not exactly haute couture.

Pictured: The new LACOSTE and Malandrino Logo.

The casual French brand aims to become more fashionable with the new Catherine Malandrino for LACOSTE 12-piece collection for spring 2011, expected in stores in mid-April.  The line features separates including harem pants, dresses, wide-leg trousers, and miniskirts.  There’s also a funny T-shirt stating that “The Crocodile Loves You”  in fashionable graffiti like script.    Look for price points from $165.00 up to $650.00! That’s a lot of money for a LACOSTE piece in my humble opinion!  I wonder if the line will eventually be sold at the LACOSTE outlet stores. (There’s an outlet in Solvang, CA in case you didn’t know.)

 Ms. Malandrino told Women’s Wear Daily, “My most important role with LACOSTE is to open the door to the feminine world. Now I am relaying effortless, chic, everyday clothes that you don’t have to think about. All of the silhouettes can be eye-catching, whether it is a miniskirt or high-waisted pants.”

Pictured: My favorite piece from the LACOSTE and Malandrino collection.

 I’ll be interested to see these pieces in LACOSTE and Malandrino stores. I love Catherine Malandrino, and I usually buy her designs at sample sales, so I’m not sure about her LACOSTE collection and price points.


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  1. Target-Addict

    March 29, 2011 at 1:56 pm

    I don't know about the clothes, but the Lacoste/Malandrino logo (with the dual alligators) is adorable!

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  4. Sarai & Edna Cervantes

    March 31, 2011 at 1:01 am

    Love your blog! I would love it if you could follow my blog Global Runway 🙂