eBay Launches New Seller Program to Reduce Listing Costs

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eBay is offering sellers the chance to sell more & pay lower listing fees.

For the past few years, I’ve found eBay to be a great way to both satisfy my lust for discount luxury fashions and a good way to sell wardrobe items & handbags that I no longer carry or use.  eBay has been a valuable tool in The Recessionista’s saving toolkit.  Selling on eBay helps to recoup my shopping costs and of course pay my bills.  eBay indexes very well with the Google and Bing search engines, so once you list on eBay, chances are very good that Internet shoppers will find you.  If you’re interesting in cleaning our your closet and selling some old items, or listing some new items for sell, eBay is offering a new program to attract sellers with lower listing fees.   Read on to get the details.

Following are the benefits of the new selling program. Briefly, you can now:

  • Sell in four easy steps: List it, Sell it, Ship it, Get Paid.
  • Your first 50 items per month are FREE to list fixed price or auction-style.
  • Pay only when your item sells with one easy Final Value Fee.
  • Get access to over a 100 million buyers.

So the bottom line is you can sell more items and eBay will take less of your money.   This is a big win if you’re looking to offload items from your closet.   Selling on eBay allows you to keep more of your profits vs. selling at a consignment store.  At a consignment store the seller typically takes 50 to 60 percent of your profit.   On eBay, you keep the profits minus the eBay selling fees.   Visit the new eBay seller program now, and follow the prompts to list an item or test drive this tools.  Read my previous post on eBay selling tips to get an idea how to write your sales descriptions for maximum attention from buyers.


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  1. Kimberly Gomez

    August 27, 2013 at 10:42 pm

    Thanks for letting me know. I’ve been thinking about selling some things on eBay and this is a kick in the butt to do it. I’m getting right on it! Thanks Mary.