Marimekko for Target Review: Cute Summer Fashions & Swimwear

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                  Marimekko for Target pool cover-ups and tops

This morning I went to my local Target to check out the new Marimekko for Target collaboration. For fashion items, there is more for kids than for women and the women’s plus-size fashions are online only.  So what’s good? The swimsuits and rash guards.  The cover-ups are loud, but if you are comfortable with the prints, they are cute. Will this stuff last beyond a season….well, I don’t think it will, but for the price, it’s appealing fast fashion, especially since it’s Marimekko. Marimekko is expensive and not always easy to find at US stores. For me, the home collection of Marimekko for Target collections is the most  appealing.  There are lots of cute accent items from pillows, to stools and even plates that will brighten up your home at an affordable price.  The good news for shoppers is that the collection is not sold-out and the Target website is up and running, so you have time to shop and pick the Marimekko for Target items you want without panicking.

I arrived at Target this morning at the time the store opened, around 8 am.  There were no lines outside the store for the collection.   There was a small group of shoppers, maybe 8 ladies shopping the collection.  They were clearly more excited about the Patio and Housewares than the fashion items.   I was more excited about getting some swimwear, because the Marimekko prints don’t suit my current decorations on my patio.  I bought the rash guard in the black and white paprika print and the matching pants. I also bought the Kukkatori Print one piece swimsuit. I tried on several of the swimsuits and they run short in the crotch, so if you’re ordering online or going to the store, my advice is to size up for best coverage.   The rashguard and the pants fit true to size and are actually roomy and comfortable for swimming, offering nice protection from the intense rays of the sun.  Do I think this swimwear will last a long time? Absolutely not, but like the Liberty of London swimwear, it will probably last 8 mos to 10 mos before chlorine causes it to fade and maybe fray after repeated exposure to chlorine or sea salt. It may last longer of course, I’m just guessing based on my past experiences with the Liberty of London for Target swimsuits.

I tried on the Marimekko for Target Women’s Long Kaftan Dress Kukkatori Print in the Blue, but I thought it was a bit too loud for my tastes. The fit is generous and in this one, you can size down.  The Kaftan dress is priced at $34.99 , so it’s very affordable.  I tried on and bought the Marimekko for Target Women’s top in the Appelsiini print in blue and bought it, the print is really good looking, and it fits well.  The print is a classic Marimekko print from the 1950s. Per the Target website ” Appelsiini, Finnish for “orange,” was created in 1950 after the pattern’s designer had feasted on the sweet citrus fruit on a trip to Spain.”  It’s great to see the vintage print reimagined by Target and on sale for just $19.99.


The Marimekko for Target Women’s Terry Cloth cover up in the Melooni Print.

I didn’t like the look of the  Marimekko for Target Women’s Terry Cloth Cover-up in the Melooni Print, it’s just too busy.

I like the look of the Marimekko for Target Women’s Cover Up  in the Albatrossi print, but that is an online only exclusive.  This is a really good looking piece that could be worn as a top with capri as well as a cover-up.

If you’re decorating your patio for summer entertaining, then you’ll be interested in the Marimekko outdoor items.  There are plastic plates, glasses, tote bags, cooler bags (perfect for summer picnics.)  I don’t think this stuff is designed to last a long time, but it’s colorful and will make outdoor entertaining attractive,  The children’s outdoor tent is cute, but the price of$119.00 may be a bit much for most shoppers to handle.

If you’re a Marimekko lover,  you’ll want shop this collection.  For clothing, the apparel is nowhere near as high as quality as the Marimekko for Banana Republic collection was, but the prices are also much lower.

I didn’t see in-store hoarding today at Target, or eBay sellers, so you have a good chance to get all these items at the Target price, which is great.


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  1. Holly

    May 7, 2016 at 7:04 pm

    I only saw a little of the collection in the store compared to your sampling. I actually like the caftan as a cover up but perhaps after returning from a trip from India all the prints seem less loud. I wished for the Iconic poppy print form the mid 60s. All is cute, fun and affordable. Prints are so personal it’s hard to know what each person will like.

  2. amie

    June 5, 2016 at 4:22 pm

    Target did ZERO magazine advertising for Marimekko. Secondly, I’ve heard of the brand before, but most of these patterns and colors are so ugly! Black and dark blue are NOT summer colors. Marimekko should have created products in lime green, pink, aqua- like the Lilly Pulitzer collection a couple of years ago. The patterns are just too bold and not summer colors. I knew this collection would FLOP. Everything was so over-priced. I did buy a bunch of bikinis though. Now this stuff is 50-65% off at Target.

    • Mary Hall

      June 6, 2016 at 1:51 am

      You are right Annie, they didn’t choose the best Marimekko prints for this collection. I wonder if this was all Marimekko wanted to give them. It’s a shame there weren’t any attractive dresses. I love the Marimekko dress I got from Banana Republic–the Target stuff wasn’t even in the same category.