New Conscious Collection Arrives at H&M: Sustainable & Chic

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H&M's new Conscious Collection

H&M’s new Conscious Collection is now in stores.

The latest installment of H&M’s Conscious Collection is now in stores and online. I stopped by my local H&M store yesterday to check it out. I’m so impressed by fabrication and the tangerine, red and gold hues in this collection. This collection is really gorgeous.  There are a couple of upscale collection exclusives here like the $249.00 lace dress  modeled by Amber (above) and the ruffled flamenco dress for $199.00 (similar to the one that Penelope Cruise wore to the Oscars Vanity Fair party) that are already selling out.


Orange Dress in Lycell for $19.99.

The collection is perfect for Spring/Summer with a far east, Moroccan kinda flavor.   The Lycell Orange dress (above) and the multi-color tunic look like pieces from a luxury resort collection.   The dress, priced at $19.99 is already sold out online.   I expect the tunic will also be a sell-out.

H&MRuffled Chiffon Dress

The Ruffled Chiffon Dress for $199

The Ruffled Chiffon Dress (above) is similar to the one H&M made for Penelope Cruz to wear to the Vanity Fair party looks gorgeous and you’d never know if is made from recycled polyester.   I’m not here to sell H&M, and I don’t get paid by H&M for reviews, but if you like these pictures and want to support sustainable fashion, get to your local H&M store.  The Recessionista predicts that most of this collection is going to sell out and quick.  The pieces are good looking, the fit is comfortable and the prices (expect for the lace dress and the ruffled chiffon dress) are extremely affordable.  There’s also jewelry and accessories in this collection.  Some of the jewelry is made from recycled plastic.  If you’re headed to the desert for Coachella part two, or attending another music festival, you might want to get some of these pieces.

conscious collection.

Thumbnails for H&M’s new Conscious Collection.

If you stop by H&M to shop, remember to bring some old clothes to be recycled and you can receive a coupon to shop the new Conscious Collection and save.  I love recycling my old clothing to get new.   It’s a great way to keep up with the trends and be kind to Mother Earth.  After all, there’s no reason to waste fashion when you can recycle!


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