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Oscar Recessionista Style: Helen Hunt Wears H&M on the Red Carpet

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Helen Hunt on the Oscars Red Carpet in H&M

Helen Hunt on the Oscars Red Carpet in H&M

Best Supporting Actress nominee Helen Hunt looked stunning on the red carpet tonight…in  wait for it : H&M.  Her custom couture midnight-blue full length gown was from Hennes & Maurtiz, H&M.   However, this is no ordinary H&M dress, so don’t look for it on the retailer’s racks anytime soon. The couture midnight blue full length gown is silk satin and strapless, and was made specially for the Oscar occasion. Ms. Hunt said she chose the dress because ” “because it was the most beautiful dress I tried on and they (H&M) partner with Global Green.” 

With the competition among designers like Valentino, Versace, Chanel, Prada, Dior and many other designers to dressan  Oscar nominee, it’s a surprise to see something from H&M on the red carpet. “It’s an honor and joy to design this gown for one of the most amazing actresses in the world. We admire Helen Hunt and it feels fantastic to create a gown for such a memorable occasion,” says Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M’s Head of Design.  No word from H&M on the price tag of the dress, but we wager this is the most affordable look at the Oscars since Sharon Stone wore Gap.

Postscript: Since the Oscars H&M has revealed what the address would’ve actually cost.  The estimate is that it would’ve been a $650.00 dress.


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  1. Target-Addict

    February 25, 2013 at 3:31 pm

    I feel that it’s a bit misleading for Ms. Hunt (and the media) to label this as “from H&M” since it is not available for retail sale at their stores and was actually “custom couture made” for her. So I thank you for the clarification on this, as other media outlets are simply reporting it as “from H&M”, as if you can buy it off the racks there.