Ossie Clark Fashions Return with a new collection at Debenhams

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My favorites from the Ossie Clark collection for Debenhams

My favorites from the Ossie Clark collection for Debenhams

Good news for Vintage fashion lovers. The House of legendary 1960s designer Ossie Clark is experiencing a revival, but this time in a recessionista version.  The designer’s fashion line  declined after his peak in the late 60’s and early 70’s.    During his zenith Ossie designed beautiful dresses and tops, many with prints designed by his then wife Ceila Birtwell. By the 1980s Ossie Clark’s designs were no longer considered commercially viable and production of his fashions ceased.   The designer died in 1996 and he was forgotten for a time.  His designs for his own house and for Radley were later rediscovered  by celebrities, stylists and vintage collections.  They now sell for thousands of dollars (just check eBay or Etsy.)   So how nice that Debenhams is now reviving Ossie Clark’s designs at prices under  $250.00 US.According the the Debenhams’ blog, “Many items within the collection have been created from original 1970’s iconic vintage designs by Ossie Clark. The designer’s famous statement prints are revived with flattering drapery and fluidly feminine silhouettes.”  The designs certainly look like the originals.  The collection was created using materials from the original archives in the form of patterns and catalogs.  The resulting collection is available at Debenhams and the Ossie Clark website. Even the Ossie Clark Regent Red Printed Maxi dress, which is on display at the V&A (Victoria & Albert Museum) in London has been recreated.

A few of the dresses are already on sale, while others have sold out in some sizes.   Ossie Clark was a fashion genius, and it’s great to see his work appreciated again.  The best thing about the collection is that Debenhams and Ossie Clark both ship to the US and many other countries from their website.  I’ll be ordering the Ossie Clark  Chelsea little black dress.



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