Recessionista Royal: Princess Anne Wears Fashions Over & Over

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Shopping her closet: Princess Anne wears a coat she wore 29 years earlier (on the left) and now (right) via Mail Online.

The Daily Mail (Mail Online) has the most fascinating look at Princess Anne (the Queen of England’s daughter for you non-royal watchers.) Apparently Princess Anne is a pro at shopping her own closet and recycling her royal wardrobe.  Lots of women do that, so what’s so surprising about a member of the royal family wearing her clothes over and over again?  The surprise her is that Princess Anne keeps and re-wears clothes over long periods of time.  We’re talking 30 + years of reuse. For example she wore a yellow hat for the first time in 1981 that she just wore again this summer (32 years after the first wear.)   She’s also been spotted wearing a designer coat she first wore 29 years again.   Check out the Mail Online to see all the pictures of Princess Anne through the years.  This is clearly a women who wears what she likes regardless of trends.  And, she is as slim and trim now as so was 30 years ago, so she can still fit into her clothes from the 1980s.  Not too many women keep and re-wear their clothes for so many years.  Bravo to the Princess Royal for her thrifty chic recessionista looks!


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  1. Kimberly Gomez

    August 1, 2013 at 8:47 pm

    This is very surprising for a royal to be wearing the same thing 30 years later. It’s hard to tell in the pictures which is from now and which is from decades ago. I hope I look that good 30 years from now!