Sustainable Fashion from Recycled Goods: H&M Conscious Exclusive 2017

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H&M’s very good looking Conscious Exclusive 2017 collection is set to arrive in-stores and online  April 20, 2017.   Beyond being innovative in it’s use of recycled plastics and other materials, this a sophisticated and very good-looking collection from H&M.   I think this collection will sell-out quick.

Chrissy Teigen H&M Conscious Collection

The beautiful Chrissy Teigen attends the H&M Conscious Exclusive dinner in L.A. Chrissy models a lounge jacket, an H&M Conscious Exclusive.

Here’s what’s on our shopping list from H&M Conscious Exclusive 2017.  We saw the preview at the celebrity dinner in Los Angeles earlier this month and we loved the prints, the plastic dress and the black wrap jacket.

The patterned silk dress with the keyhole looks like a vintage reproduction as does the yellow print Lyosell blouse with the peplum.

 H&M Conscious Exclusive yellow top

This H&M Conscious Exclusive top is on my shopping list for $59.99 USD.

Kate Mara H&M Conscious

Kate Mara attends the H&M Conscious Exclusive dinner in L.A.  She wears the jacquard weave wrap skirt which will be priced at $59.99.

Other collection highlights include a sequined dress and earrings made from PET plastic.  H&M cleverly calls these pieces “responsible shimmer.”

H&M Conscious Exclusive earrings

These H&M Conscious Exclusive earrings are priced at $34.99 USD and made from recycled plastic.

There’s a gorgeous printed jacquard weave jacket that looks amazing, although it’s pricey at $399.00 USD.

H&M Conscious Exclusive jacket

The H&M Conscious Exclusive jacket is full of intricate details and looks like couture.

What do you think readers? Will you be shopping the  H&M Conscious Exclusive collection? Remember to take your old clothing that is damaged of stained to H&M to be recycled.  If you do, you’ll get a coupon to save on new purchases at H&M.    This is a program that’s good for the environment and easy on the wallet all at the same time.


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