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Valentines Gift Guides: Luxury Retailers & Discounters Promote Gifts

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Bergdorf’s Valentines Picks 

Valentines Day is coming Feb. 14, 2018.  The marketing push is full-on with luxury retailers pushing their Valentines Gift Guides.  Valentines Day can mean big business for retailers, so they need to get their goods in front of potential buyers.  How they choose to do that is fascinating.  Luxury brands are using gender targeted email campaigns to get their gifts to the right buyers, which is a brilliant idea.  Bergdorf Goodman is advertising Saint Laurent Lou Lou Oversized Heart Sunglasses  for a mere $440.0. With prices like those, the stores  have or buy email lists that target those with deep pockets.

 Valentines Gifts

Valentines Gifts

But what are the discounters doing who might have great gifts, but small marketing budgets?  Social media is one way for brands like Kohl’s and TJ Maxx to let customers know what is on offer in-store for shoppers.

TJ Maxx is promoting gifts via their Facebook pages like sexy lingerie, heart shaped pendants, designer bags and fashions.  They also have top notch cosmetics like Molton Brown and Philosophy in their stores from time to time. The deals are out there, you just have to go look.   There is no online shopping at TJ Maxx or their sister store, Marshalls. For men, both stores offer electronic items like iPhone & iPad cases plus clothing.

Design Your Own "XOXO" 8pc Candy Bento Box

Design Your Own “XOXO” 8pc Candy Bento Box

Sugarfina is offering the sweet confection of a make your own candy “Bento Box ” for $65.00.

Nordstrom Valentines Gifts

Nordstrom Valentines Gifts

Nordstrom has some great Valentines Day Gifts on their website (including jewelry, perfume, cosmetics and apparel)  –remember,  you can shop online and pick-up on store to save time.  Nordstrom offers luxury gifts, as well as gifts under $50.00 and $100.00.

If you’re looking for more deals, watch the store’s Facebook pages and Twitter channels.  Many low priced stores have great Valentines Day gifts, but they don’t invest big bucks to market them.   If you are on Twitter, follow hashtag  #Valentines to find some good deals.

What are you shopping for this Valentines Day readers ? Remember, it’s not always necessary to shop to show love.  I love the simple letter that Robert Browning wrote to Elizabeth Barrett to declare his love using only ink and paper. Priceless.


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