Actress Kate Bosworth is the face behind Topshop’s Who’s That Girl Campaign

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The Topshop Mystery Girl is Kate Bosworth #whosthatgirl

The mystery is over! The face of Topshop’s Holiday campaign has been revealed. It’s actress Kate Bosworth. Some of you guessed it before Topshop revealed her identity, so good detective work readers! Watch the Topshop Holiday film here to see Kate sing the 1934 classic Winter Wonderland in a beautiful Topshop custom designed dress and shoes.

Here’s the back story on this campaign and the iTunes song Winter Wonderland song download that is a companion to the film. The campaign was designed as a homage to the film, The Fabulous Baker Boys with Michelle Pfieffer’s star turn as a torch singer. So who better to star in Topshop’s film than an actress and fashioninista? Enter Kate Bosworth. “This project brings together two important aspects of my life: cinema and fashion. I have always been a fan of the Topshop brand and it has been an honour to work with Sir Phillip (Sir Phillip Green, owner of Topshop) and the team. I hope everyone enjoys watching it as much as we did making it,” notes Kate Bosworth

The make-up used in the film is available to order at now.  The fashions are coming soon.  Kate Bosworth collaborated with Topshop on the custom-made Topshop evening dress that she wears in the campaign and film.  The dress and shoes will be available as “a special made to order” item on in conjunction with the new Topshop store opening in Los Angeles in Feb. 2013. As a Los Angeles native, I’m so glad that these special fashion items will be available to us in LA to try on in store, not just order online.

It’s only fitting to help launch these glamorous old Hollywood style fashions here in Los Angeles.  And who at Topshop decided to look to Hollywood for inspiration?  My guess is that it was their new Chief Marketing Officer, Justin Cooke. “There is still no greater inspiration than our icons – women have always aspired to look and feel like the stars of silver screen and we wanted to capture that emotion and the magic of Topshop to celebrate the festive season,”  says Justin. I think that Topshop achieved the goal of bringing back old Hollywood style. In the Topshop film, Kate  Bosworth reminds me of another petite blond actress ,1940’s starlet Veronica Lake.  They both have that intriguing side part with cascading blond locks and a sidelong glance over their shoulder.

Old Hollywood Glamour: Veronica Lake and Kate Bosworth

Now all we need to know is who won the Topshop contest to guess the identity of the girl and win the shopping spree? Was it one of you?


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