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The Art of the Selfie: Stylist Jen Rade offers Instagram Instafab tips

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Jen Rade

Jen Rade, aka The Wicked Witch of Wardrobe

With the Oscars coming up this Sunday, Twitter and Instagram will see unprecedented traffic and postings.  Here in Los Angeles, Hollywood is abuzz with Oscar gossip and speculations.  Vanity Fair magazine has even invited Los Angeles Bloggers  to a social media hub for the Oscars.  Numerous Twitter and Instagram posts are coming from the hub tagged with #vfsocialclub.  But it’s not just the Oscars sparking more selfies. More and more of us are taking to social media to share pictures of ourselves and the latest fashions.  Soon it will be time for LuckyFabb and every social diva in Los Angeles will be posting selfies tagged #LuckyFabb.  With all this social media emphasis on looking good we asked celebrity stylist Jen Rade for tips on getting fashionable for your selfie.  In social speak, that means being #Instafab. 

ready for closeup mr. demille

Quote from Sunset Boulevard made for Instagram via Blogger @RomyRaves

Stylist Jen Rade has been helping celebs get red carpet ready now for years.  So, we rang her up to ask the important question: how social media users get ready for their own close-ups or their “selfie.” Here are Jen’s simple tips for getting InstaFab:

 GoRed: “Red lipstick is the one statement piece that can take your look from average to great – even jeans and a t-shirt look better with red lips.”

Show Your True Colors: Any color is the best color to wear for a selfie – that’s what filters are for! The whole point of a selfie is to express yourself so there’s no right or wrong.”

Minimize.  Remember less  really is more:  “When it comes to makeup and accessories “everything can’t be something”!”

Take your time, post wisely: “Play around and take 10 selfies until you fight the right light and angle. Lighting is the most important!”

Filter or no filter? “Sometimes I use filters, sometimes I don’t – whatever makes the mood of the picture look cool.”

And remember, the best accessory, and the one that costs you nothing , is a smile.  Have fun when you take that selfie!

To hear more from Jen Rade, look for her on  Project Runway: Under The Gunn where she is a judge.  You can also see Jen’s latest style creations for QVC on this Friday’s Red Carpet broadcast.



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