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The Beachwaver Curling Iron for Perfect Waves

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Sarah_Potempa- Beachwaver

Sarah Potempa Beachwaver Curling Iron

With summer and the beach season here, everyone likes to get those perfect waves.   Celebrity stylist and QVC superstar Sarah Potempa has come up with an ingenious curling iron to help you perfect the loose curl look. The Beachwaver is a rotating, ceramic, and innovative curling iron that allows you to wrap, roll and heat curls in seconds.  The electronic curling iron does the wrapping of the curls for you, and you release when you are ready.  I got to test drive the Beachwaver curling iron at a special event with Sarah before the Oscars in Los Angeles, and I can tell you, this curling iron is simply amazing.   You can use the curling iron to get an 0ld Hollywood vintage style (think marcel waves) or  a beach look worthy of Elle Macpherson.


Stylist Sarah Potempa demonstrates how to use the Beachwaver curling iron on her Instagram page @sarahpotempa

Since I got the Beachwaver, I’ve been using it when I travel to give my hair a professional look and for special events. Using this curling iron is virtually idiot proof–yes, that means I can use it! 🙂 After getting the iron warm, you simply hold the curling iron horizontally and press L (for left) or R (for right). Then tap the GO button until the iron reaches or gets near enough to the root for your own personal look. When you’re ready, you then release the clamp and letting the hair slide out.  Because the Beachwaver wraps the hair for you and sets it for the curl, it’s a real step beyond the ordinary curling iron.

recessionista-beachwaver mary

My vintage updo styled with the Beachwaver to both smooth and give a wave at the crown.

Since I have curly hair, I have used the Beachwaver to actually smooth and straighten by curls.  Above is a look at my hair after using the Beachwaver with Sarah’s glam squad to get an vintage updo with a wave at the top side.   As you can see from the photos, you can do many versatile styles with the Beachwaver.  The Beachwaver is a high-tech curling iron that can help you get a professional salon look at home.   If you’re interested in checking it out, look for it on sale at Amazon, Nordstrom, Target and Ulta.  There are two versions of the Beachwaver.    The S1 Beachwaver with manual controls is priced at $129.00.   The higher end PRO version (described here with the L an R buttons and the electronic release) is called simply The Beachwaver and  is priced at $199.00.   If you’re looking to save money on salon visits to style your hair, and you are comfortable with a curling iron, investing a little more in the higher-end version of The Beachwaver is worthwhile.


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