Beauty Treatments: Red Light Laser Treatment

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A few months ago the KO’AN Center Santa Monica invited me in and offered me a complimentary red light laser treatment therapy. If you haven’t heard of red light therapy it’s an anti-aging therapy.  The intensity of the light and the heat it generates is designed to promote the skin’s natural collagen protection.  How does this therapy work?  The skin is exposed to red, low-light wavelengths to stimulate cellular rejuvenation, increase blood flow and stimulate collagen. In simplest terms, it’s as though your skin was subjected to a very middle irritation or burn, which stimulated your body’s natural healing mechanisms sending increased blood flow and collagen production to the irritated area.  I had had low level light therapy after facials, so I knew something about it.

Some light therapy treatments also involve the use of lights flashing at high frequency. Usually, I am willing to try any treatment on my skin that seems safe and is non-invasive, providing it is done at a reputable treatment facility.  I visited the open house for the KO’AN Center  in Santa Monica (near St. John’s Hospital)  before agreeing to try a treatment.  The facility is clean, well-appointed and has state of the art treatment rooms with the latest equipment.  Their staff seem knowledgeable and very personal.  So after a preliminary inspection, I made an appointment to try to the complimentary red light laser treatment therapy.

KO'AN Center Santa Monica

The KO’AN Center in Santa Monica, CA.

The red light therapy treatment at KO’AN Center is a short treatment, I believe my treatment lasted about 20 minutes.   The therapist looked at my skin for problems and sensitivities, and then explained the treatment to me. Its an intense light and you were googles for eye covering for protection.  At the beginning the intensity of the light feels so strong, you’re not sure that you’ll be able to withstand it, but then your body and your eyes adjust and the light seems more bearable.  I have to say though, the first few minutes are a bit uncomfortable and even scary, because the light is so intense. I was grateful that the KO’AN Center therapist explained it to me so I was prepared.

After the treatment, the therapist applied sunscreen with moisturizer to my skin before I stepped outside. I took a minute to have a glass of water and just relax before getting up off the table.

treatment room at the KOAN Center

A treatment room at the KOAN Center in Santa Monica, CA

I did notice that my skin looked refreshed about a day after the treatment and the collagen levels had definitely been stimulated as my skin had more natural moisture and seemed a bit softer.   I didn’t have any side affects from the treatment, burns or skin discoloration.  For best results the center recommends doing a series of red light laser treatments but I didn’t have the time to invest in that.  Although there are many new devices that you can buy like reViveLight Therapy that you can use to give yourself the treatment at home,  I felt more comfortable having the treatment in a supervised setting with a trained therapist standing by.

red light therapy laser

An example of how my red light therapy at the KOAN Center in Santa Monica was done.

If you’re interesting is trying this non-invasive treatment, have a look at treatment centers like the KOAN center or Kao Aesthetics.  I found the red light laser therapy is a gentle, non-invasive way to refresh the skin.


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