Beyond the Rack’s iPad Giveaway: The Answer to my iPad Epic Quest?

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Not only is the iPad the latest cool technology innovation, but it’s also becoming a hot fashion accessory.  A whole industry is springing up around the development of the cases.  Oscar de la Renta even featured the iPad in a recent fashion show and along with his embroidered lambskin iPad clutch which retails for $290.00.
Check it out, below.  This case, plus iPads, was included in the Oscar de la Renta 2010 Resort Collection show.  According to Oscar,  “there is so much happening in technology and we wanted to create a limited edition clutch to complement the device.” Very smart.

Pictured: The Oscar de la Renta iPad case, technology meets fashion.

Of course one needs the iPad before they can indulge in the case. But how does one trying to remain frugally fabuless get the latest tech device? If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that I am on an epic quest to win an iPad and conserve my cash for my love of fashion. Today online shopping club Beyond the Rack started a little iPad contest.  When you sign-up for the club, then you are entered in the contest.  When  I invite you to sign up for the club, I get a contest entry.  In the interests of full disclosure, I also get a shopping credit at the club if you sign-up and buy something from my invitation.  You also get shopping credits if you join and invite your friends. It’s a win for everyone! 🙂 Click here to join and enter the contest as my guest.

Of course, the iPad contest is not the only reason to join Beyond the Rack, it’s just super compelling for this blogger!  I have been a Beyond the Rack member for the last year, and have gotten many good fashion deals there.  I just purchased an amazing Pink Tartan Cardigan from  the club.  The deals on jewelry, handbags and fashions are good, and deeply discounted.  They ship to US and Canada, so this is a deal my Canadian readers can enjoy.  This week’s sales include Marc Jacobs handbags, FCUK and Gentlefawn.  Let me know if you check it out.   My advice is if you see something coming up on sale, get in early.  Their quantities do seem to be very limited.  Meantime, does the iPad contest entice you? Or, am I the only one jonesing for the device who can’t break down get our my crowbar to open my wallet ?  You have until July 11th to enter, and you can also invite your friends to enter and thereby get more entries, and shopping credit if they buy.

Pictured: Details on the Beyond the Rack contest.

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