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COVERGIRL Launches Longer Lasting Makeup

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  COVERGIRL has launched a new line of make-up products for Summer designed to keep you looking great all day long and into the night.

If you’ve visited your local drugstore lately, you may have noticed that COVERGIRL has some new products on the shelves with some new packaging. The new line offers foundation, primers, and even lipsticks and lip stains designed to keep your make-up looking fresh all day long. It’s a great idea because, if you’re busy, like most of us are, you want to apply our make-up once in the morning and have it stay fresh throughout a busy day. That’s what Outlast is designed to do. Recently, I had the opportunity to meet with COVERGIRL’s Dr. Sarah Vickery, Principal Scientist for COVERGIRL and makeup artist Jen Fleming to learn about the research behind the new products and how best to use them.  Since meeting with the experts, I’ve been using the products and they do work as advertised.  The Outlast Primer and the new 3 in 1 Foundation keep you looking fresh all day, even in hot, sticky summer weather.


The Author wearing Covergirl Make-up as applied by Jake Bailey and Herbal Essences hair products styled by Charles Baker Strahan.

The new COVERGIRL make-up summer collection features a breakthrough new mascara, eyeliner, three new lip products, foundation, primer and new nail shades. Behind each product is a carefully tested mix of ingredients designed to deliver longer lasting make-up coverage.  Here’s about about the new make-up and why it works so well.

The Supersizer by Lash Blast Mascara:  The new mascara is the Supersizer with 400% more volume corner to corner, the look is very WOW with the appearance of dramatic high-volume lashes.  The mascara brush on the Supersizer is designed to have bristles that go from long to short. “The design allows the Mascara to hit the lashes before the bristles do, ” notes Dr. Sarah Vickery, Principal Scientist for COVERGIRL. The Supersizer is designed for lash styling because the brush allows for volumizing of the lashes to create an almost false lash look.

cover girl liners

COVERGIRL Intensify Me Liquid Liner offers thick and dramatic or thin and elegant.

Intensify Me! Liquid Liner: This new iner only comes in black and has a unique paddle shape.  With the paddle shape the user can choose to draw fat or thin lines as shown in the photo above.  The product is ideal for doing the cat-eye look (see tips from Jake Bailey to create that look.)

OutLast Primer product

COVERGIRL’s new Outlast Primer product

Within the OutLast line there are several new foundation beauty products for summer:

Outlast All-Day Makeup Primer: This primer is the first step in getting your face ready for make-up and it extends the life of any foundation you put on over it.  According to COVERGIRL’s Dr. Sarah Vickery , the primer has a three part complex that absorbs both sweat and sebum, so those substances that can cause your make-up to pull away from the skin are absorbed and never reach the foundation on top of it.  The Outlast primer can be used on the eyelids as well as on the face to keep make-up in place.

Outlast All-In-One Foundation:  This foundation fuses primer, concealer, and foundation all into one make-up application for full coverage.

Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation: This foundation has what Dr. Sarah Vickery, Principal Scientist for COVERGIRL calls an “illumination complex” which provides luminosity without too much shine, so there is no greasy or oily look.  The formula is specifically designed for long wear, and Dr. Vickery showed me how it is impervious to oil.

COVERGIRL has bought the same Outlast technology to lipsticks with  new line of Outlast All Day Lipcolors. Besides being designed for all day wear, there are some gorgeous berry , coral pink and deep red colors in this line.  The formula is resistant to water and the balm in the lipstick helps it wear better throughout the day.  A unique feature on the lip colors is their non-drying formulation. Outlast  lip color has a moisturizing topcoat that helps lock in shine, that means that as you wear the lipstick throughout the day you won’t experience feathering, or bleeding.

To complement the Lip colors, COVERGIRL also has a collection of Jumbo Gloss Lip Balms to add extra shine. COVERGIRL has also launched new Outlast Stay Brilliant nail colors for summer, so look for those bright colors in everything from pink to purple to orange to blue in the beauty aisles.

The new products are available at drugstores like Walgreens and Duane Reade and stores like Target and Walmart..  Most of the products retail for under $12.00.  If you’re shopping at the drugstore where there are no testers, you can use the new COVERGIRL app or  Virtual Make-up Studio online to discover which products are the best fit for your skin tones.


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