Dancer Karina Smirnoff Partners With Foot Petals

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Dancing with the Star's Karina Smirnoff shows off her Foot Petals collection on foot cushions.

Dancing with the Star’s Karina Smirnoff shows off her Foot Petals collection on foot cushions. (M. Hall) 

Dancing with the Star’s dancer Karina Smirnoff has partnered with Foot Petals to create a special collection of designer insoles that is available now at  If you’re a fashionista who loves high heels or any fashionable shoe, you know that the cushiony Foot Petals insoles can relieve pressure on the ball of your foot (via the Tip Toes cushions), or stop your heel from scrapping against the back of your shoe with the Heavenly Heelz cushions

Tip Toes from the Karina Smirnoff Foot Petals Collection for $6.95 US.

Karina’s  collection includes exclusive editions of the Tip Toes and Heavenly Heelz cushion styles marked by a high heel logo.  This is the first celebrity collaboration for Foot Petals and our spies tell us the collection will soon be packaged up and sold on the Home Shopping Network.   I got to test drive the new Heavenly Heelz cushions at a recent Foot Petals event in Los Angeles and they are very comfortable and easy to insert in any pair of shoes.   Specialists from Foot Petals advised me that you want to place the  Heavenly Heelz cushions at the widest part of the shoe , where the ball of your foot hits the insole.  I’ve been wearing the Tip Toes like this in my heels and they really do make a difference.  Another thing I learned at the Foot Petals event was that you can even cushion sandal straps or flip flops with Foot Petals thin strappy strips.  For summer shoe styles, the little strappy strips stop shoe straps from digging into the tops of your feet or your ankles.   The strappy strips are $6.95.  I’ve been carrying them in my handbag in case I need a little extra cushioning in my shoes while out walking around.

If you love fashionable shoes, which often times, are not comfortable Foot Petals can really help.


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