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eBay’s Top Shopped in Style for 2010

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Now it the time of year that I think about looking into my crystal ball to try to forecast 2011 fashion trends. But before I can look forward, I have to take a look into the past.  One simple barometer of style that I use is to look at what fashionistas are buying is eBay.  What are you searching for either by name brand designer or fashion description? Inquiring minds want to know.  Knowing what shoppers’ are searching for helps in two important ways.  One, if you are thinking of reselling items from your closet, checking out the top searched for items on eBay, and incorporating those keywords into your eBay listing description, can help you position your product for sale and multiple bids.  Do a little research before you list. The power of Google search and eBay search can bring buyers to you if you know how to phrase your description using the top-searched terms/keywords.  Two, if you are a retailer, eBay is on the pulse of the consumer.  Knowing what moves on eBay is a good indication of what will sell in your online or brick & mortar store.  Remember to check not just what is selling, but at what price it is selling.  For example, I am very fond of searching for Chanel brooches or pins, and then sorting the list by lowest priced first.  The price ranges let me know what the average resale price of a Chanel pin will be, at least on eBay.

This year, I asked the folks at eBay what the top searched fashion items were in 2010.  After looking through all the data, they reported that their data reveals that military jackets, leopard prints and vintage 1950s looks were in high demand.  Top searched for items were:

  • Military-inspired items (1,038,026 related items sold)
  • Plaid  clothing (718,365 related items sold), 
  • Romantic 1950s (626,264 related items sold)
  • Fashion items with animal themes were immensely popular. This included feathers (121,983 related items sold), faux fur (105,988 related items sold) and leopard print (80,120 related items sold).

 The most frequently searched designers by name were Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch.   This makes sense to me, as both designers are popular, and pricey.  Frequently, you’ll find some great deals on both Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch via eBay sellers.  Many items are NWT (new with tags.) I’ve never worried too much about buying a Marc Jacobs item  from a price perspective, providing I felt it was tasteful.  I usually wear it a few times, then sell it “pre-loved ” on eBay.  Top designers with quality items hold their resale value, and you will definitely recoup some of your purchase price on a Marc Jacobs or Tory Burch.  Below is the full eBay Top 10 List.

eBay’s Picks for America’s “Top Shopped in Style” and Fashion Obsessions of 2010:

1.       Military jackets                      
2.       Plaid                                          
3.       1950s                                          
4.       Neon                                          
5.       Marc Jacobs                            
6.       Feathers                                    
7.       Faux fur                                    
8.       Tory Burch                              
9.       Ankle boots                            
10.     Leopard print                        

The one item on the list that shocks me is …wait for it… Neon!  What in the world are fashionistas doing searching for Neon? Ankle boots yes, that is understandable, but Neon? That puzzles me.  I had to run the search for myself on eBay just to see what is listed for Neon.  My search retrieved sneakers with Neon trim, Neon colored strappy shoes, Marc Jacobs Neon Boots (Marc Jacobs fashion 911 call warranted), and numerous hideous items in the form of ties and T-shirts.  Neon searching is a trend I hope doesn’t continue in 2011.  Let me be the first to say, if you are searching for Neon on eBay, please stop this immediately and start search for something more fashionable.  Might I suggest a “Little Black Dress” or “LBD?”  I mean seriously, who is looking for all this Neon and why?  Please leave a comment if you need a Neon intervention.  Neon cravings can sometimes be satisfied by looking at a Neon light or a flashing sign.   Purchasing Neon should not be necessary to satisfy the craving.  Help is available.

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