Fashion Deal: H&M’s Recycling Program Don’t Waste Fashion

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H&M’s Recycling Program a win for consumers & Mother Earth

Two weeks ago, I cleaned out my closets. Usually, I take the cast offs to Goodwill.  This year, I took many of the pieces I hadn’t worn for a while to my local H&M store for their recycling program.  Have any of you tried the program yet? I wrote about this H&M environmentally conscious program a while ago , but it took me some time to actually test drive it.  Here’s how it works, and how you can reap savings by recycling your old clothing.First of all, don’t expect to see any signs or bins in the H&M store for dropping off your clothes. You have to take your clothing to the clerk behind the counter at your store to drop the clothes off.  I took two bags of clothing to my local store.  Two bags is the limit of what you can drop off at one time.  For each bag of clothing dropped, you receive a coupon/voucher worth 15% off your next purchase of new clothing at H&M.   The voucher is good for a limited time, so check the date on it.  I dropped off old clothes that were  no longer in style, past H&M collection pieces (the Madonna collection wrap sweater, regrettably eaten by moths) and old cotton T-shirts.  Old cotton T-shirts from tradeshows, swag bags or gifting make for great recycling since those pieces contain cotton, which is a fabric well suited to reuse.

HM Beyonce and cocktail

Some of the new items in at H&M stores, the Beyonce collection on left

The H&M clerk did inspect the pieces I dropped off to make sure that they would be useful, then I got my coupon.   I got myself a nice new black lace type peplum top.   I also checked out the new Conscious Collection.  There are some great colorful printed maxi dress and luxury looking cocktail dresses in the new Conscious Collection.  Frankly, it’s amazing what H&M is doing to recycle old fabric into new fashions.  You would never guess the new pieces come from recycled goods.

So what happens to your clothes after you drop them off?  According to H&M, ” The clothes are then shipped to the nearest processing plant, graded and hand-sorted.   Items that are too worn and torn to be reused will be recycled and turned into raw materials and new products.”   Remember, any piece of clothing from any brand is eligible to be recycled at H&M.  If you haven’t done your spring cleaning yet, you might want to clean your closet out  and take what you no longer want to your local H&M.


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