The Gap Launches Project Reindeer: Daily Deals from Deers, Really

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As I write, protesters from Peta are picketing the Michael Kors store on Rodeo Drive for Kors’ use of real fur in their garments.  While one company (Kors) is using animals for their fashionable fur, another company, the Gap is using animals for a holiday marketing campaign. Guess which one I like better? That would be the marketing campaign.  Starting today, Dec. 15th, starting through Monday December 20th eight real, live Reindeer are going to determine Gap’s in-store deals. Using GPS, the deer’s movements will be tracked and measured against a different goal each day. Every deer will have a deal. Every day will have a winner, and every Gap in America will offer that deer’s deal to the public the very next day.  Project Reindeer is certainly a novel concept for holiday deal offerings.  Just when I thought all the Reindeer would be busy trying to get Santa’s toys ready and powering his sleigh, the Gap hi-jacks a team of eight reindeer to power their own sleigh.

Click over to Project Reindeer to check out the deals and the deer.  You can also Tweet from the site to vote for/encourage your favorite deer and their deal.  I don’t receive any payment for posting on this deal, I get something MUCH better.  The good guys at the Gap are donating $75  in my name to The Partnership for the Homeless in the spirit of the holiday season. 

If you check out Project Reindeer, here’s what you’ll see. The deer seem to be in an icy winter wonderland and their movements are captured every five minutes on a “pasture cam.” How cool is that? I wonder if  “pasture cam” is already trademarked? 🙂  Each deer has a name to go with their deal.  So far, I like Stella the Deer and her deal of $15.00 cute ballet slippers from the Gap.  The overall deal du jour is 30% off at the Gap.  The deer look very healthy on the “pasture cam.” I hope Peta is checking in on them every now and then. They are being cared for by a cute zoologist named Josh with a focus on North American Caribou, so I assume Josh is Peta approved.  Check out Josh on Twitter at :


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