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One day later, and I’m still obsessed with the Royal Wedding! Sorry dah-lings, I can’t help it. The hats alone were mind blowing.  What about the hats Fergie’s daughters (Bea & Eugenie) were seen wearing?  They gave new meaning to the term bad taste.  Poor Fergie girls.  They aptly demonstrated the old adage, money can’t buy good taste or style. I put Princess Anne in that same category.  Loved her wedding dress back, in the 1970s, hated the purple floral outfit she wore yesterday.

One thing that literally shone brightly at the Royal Wedding was the bride, Kate Middleton’s exquisite and very understated jewelry.  I’ve never had the occasion to wear a Tiara , but if I did the 1936 Cartier Tiara that the Queen lent to Kate yesterday would fit the bill!  The tiara is called the Halo Tiara, and it was a gift from the late Queen Mum to the her daughter, then Princess Elizabeth, when she turned 18. I wish someone in the Royal Family would wear the stunning Tiara more often, maybe it will be Kate.  Then, there were the brilliant diamond teardrop earrings that the bride wore.  The earrings were a gift from her parents designed by jeweler Robinson Pelham to compliment the Tiara.  The pear shaped drop earrings had a little diamond acorn dangling in the center.  The acorn is the new Middleton emblem on their coat of arms. By chance, I was looking for a similar pair on the Internet yesterday, and stumbled upon the Christina Teardrop earrings from website Carolee for $32.00.  The earrings are a nice reflection of Kate’s style at a small price.   They might be a nice Mother’s Day gift. 🙂

Pictured: From Kohl’s Two Kate inspired jewelry choices

For more Kate inspired jewelry, check out a surprise source….Kohl’s! Yes, I found these two Kate jewelery dopplegangers at Kohl’s.  Both pieces are a little more pricey, but they are real.  They have a nice pair of vintage inspired pear shaped diamond earrings (on sale for US $164.00) , and a less expensive white lab created sapphire ring (on sale for $61.00 US), similar to Kate’s engagement ring.  Use your Kohl’s coupons or Kohl’s cash to bring the prices down.


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    She's so fabulous, lovely and very sophisticated. I love everything about her. No question why Prince William marry her.