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Get Michelle Obama’s Prague Look for Less: Easy as 1-2-3

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Pictured: The Obamas meet the people of Prague

I don’t know about you readers, but I was up late last night watching the live broadcast of President Obama’s speech from Prague. I was watching until 1am (Pacific time), but I never felt tired. It was amazing to listen both to his inspiring words and to watch the crowd’s reaction. Not only was the speech rousing, but it was exciting to watch the reactions of the European community to it. For the first time in a long time, people in Europe were embracing the words of an American President. Having traveled in Europe in the last four years, I must tell you all, it’s been tough to feel the sentiments and hostility that Europeans felt to our previous administration. I have seen several anti-war demonstrations in London that left me feeling embarrassed by our previous administration. But last night, I felt nothing but proud. I was so glad to see yet another nation in Europe welcome the new American President. When the President finished his speech, Michelle stepped on the stage, and the crowd went wild again. I am so proud of this woman and what she is showing Europe about style and fashion. Plus, her poise and intelligence. It does remind me of Jackie Kennedy. However, her presence, at least to me, is so much more powerful than Jackie’s. She comes from a position of such strength, confidence and really just plain power. There’s way more to her than pretty clothes. Yet, she has made fashionable accessible to everyone. Well, there’s only one word for it: empowerment.

Last night she stepped out onto the stage is a simple black cardigan, white bow blouse and slim black skirt with pumps. I loved the look, and the whole time I was thinking, everyone can emulate that look and do so on a budget. Here’s how.

Piece One: Norma Kamali Collection for Walmart White Bow Blouse, priced at $15.00. Available at Walmart stores and online around the globe.

Pictured: Michelle’s Bow shirt by Moschino

Mrs. Obama layered her white bow blouse with a simple black cardigan. Which leads me to piece number two. The Gap has two cute little black summer cardigans available at stores around the globe, which could be neatly paired with the white bow blouse.

Here are some of the options.

Piece 2: Affordable black summer cardigans from the Gap. Above Gap short sleeved cardigan for…wait for it, only $19.50 US. Below, the more upscale summer cardigan with longer sleeves for $44.50.

And finally, complete the look with a slim black skirt, like the one from Norma Kamali’s Walmart collection. This versatile black skirt is only $15.00 US. And check the reviews online, Norma’s stuff gets raves from those who have bought and worn it.

Piece 3: Norma Kamali for Walmart black pencil skirt for only $15.00 US.

Voilia, easy as 1-2-3, you have another affordable and stylish look courtesy of the divine Mrs. O. I can’t wait to see what see wears next.


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