Jason Wu for Target on eBay, Missoni Vanishes from Target website

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Pictured: JasonWu for Target Print Cycle Dress with Pearls (image via Target )

Last night was the press launch for the Jason Wu for Target collection in New York and it’s no surprise that a few of the items from the launch are already for sale on eBay, for a bit more than Target retail prices of course. If you want to get a look at what the items really look like outside of Target’s press images, take a look at the eBay listings for real pictures. The Print Cycle Dress with Pearls looks like a reproduction of a 1930s dress pattern and print. Although Target has said on their Target Style Facebook page that the Jason Wu sizing will be, “missy sizing with a contemporary fit, similar to Mossimo”, the images from the eBay sellers look more like juniors sizing to me.  The picture of the sleeveless floral blouse, advertised in Vogue and other high-end fashion books, looks much less appealing in the photos on eBay than it does in the magazine adverts.  The floral print colors on that top and matching skirt look much less vibrant than in the glossy ads.  I’ve linked to the pictures on eBay to check it out. I expect more Jason Wu from Target items will turn up over the weekend when the press party goers have time to list them.

Meanwhile, Target’s website is making room for the Wu collection. I just checked to see the latest prices on the Missoni clearance items, only to find they have all be removed.  Target is no longer selling them. My fellow blogger Target Addict confirms this news bulletin.  You’ll have to look for Missoni for Target at your local Goodwill store or pay the prices on eBay where there are still thousands of listings. Since it’s over 90 days since Target launched the collection and it sold out, returns on older sales will no longer be accepted. That means the eBay sellers will have to continue to try to sell the collection at their high-profit margin prices or lower prices to off-load the stuff. Once Wu hits the Racks, I don’t know how many folks will still be wanting Missoni for Target. Demand for it has significantly cooled, and the clearance stuff was for sale for a few weeks before being pulled.


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