Keira Knightley to Star in Short Chanel Film

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British newspaper The Telegraph is reporting that the current face of Chanel perfume, Keira Knightley will star in a short film about the designer’s life.  The film is to mark the 100th anniversary of the Chanel brand and will focus on Chanel’s humble beginnings.  Chanel started as a designer of women’s hats in a small store financed by her wealthy lover Boy Capel.  The store was in the luxury resort town of Deauville in the South of France.  The film will premiere in May and as as lover of all things Chanel, I can’t wait to see it.  Best of all, I reckon the film will be available to view free of charge on Chanel’s various social media channels.  Stay tuned for details here on The Recessionista about where to see the film when it is available. I think Keira is a great choice to play Coco Chanel and god knows she is slim enough to satisfy Mr. Lagerfeld.  I hope the film shows us not only some of Chanel’s life story, but some of her vintage fashions. Her fashions are truly timeless.  Her little black dress is as wearable today as it was in 1926. Je préfère un film Chanel avec Keira Knightley à un film Chanel avec Brad Pitt, n’est-ce pas? 🙂


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