Kohl’s Holiday Gifts for Him: Last Minute Gift Ideas

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A few years ago, Kohl’s asked me to go shopping for my husband or boyfriend for the holidays with their gift of  a $250.00 gift card.   I’m rerunning this post for the holidays, because the deals I found then are still good deals at Kohl’s now for Christmas 2017.   Taking the boyfriend to Kohl’s posed some unique challenges.  However, shopping with him makes  for an extremely interesting shopping trip.  The BF is not a shopper and most surprisingly, as much as I write about Kohl’s, he has never set foot in the store. His idea of shopping is going twice a year to  a tailor to get a new suit, everything else is a mail order because he doesn’t like to shop and makes no time for it.  So what does a workaholic, non- bargain hunting man like at Kohl’s? Here’s what we found at Kohl’s for holiday gifts for him.

The BF was completely fascinated by the Food Network collection at Kohl’s.   He fancies himself something of a cook, and he loves to eat out at great restaurants and check out the Food Network TV channel when he is not working.   He had no idea that Kohl’s offered cookware and even cookbooks from various Food Network chefs.  Here’s what he loved from Food Network and put on his gift list.

The Food Network 10 piece non-stick Ceramic Cookware set:   This is a really good looking set of cookware that comes in holiday red or green.  The ceramic non-stick surface inside looks beautiful and makes for easy clean-up.   This set has great reviews from Kohl’s shoppers and will be discounted from $139.00 to $89.99 for Black Friday making it  a great holiday gift for the cook on your list.

The Food Network Electric Wine Opener:  For the man who loves a good bottle of wine, this is everything. This electric wine opener lowers a corkscrew into the wine bottle and then lifts it out with the push of a button.  We’ve tried this one a few times now, and it’s great for those corks that are tough to get out of  a bottle.  You have to charge it fully for several hours, but after that you’re good to go.


After picking up a few Food Network  items, the BF went crazy for the electronics section at Kohl’s. For most men, electronics is their Superbowl of shopping.   To my surprise, Kohl’s is now selling Big Flat Screen Panel TVs and Home Theaters.   I just never focus on this section at Kohl’s because I am most likely checking out apparel, handbags , shoes or accessories. That’s what women want at Kohl’s.  But if you’re shopping for him, then you better check out electronics both in-store and online at   Here are the electronic items the BF snapped up:

Headphones:  What better way to listen to music or sound on your DVD player than a pair of  This specific pair of headphones was engineered for athletes.  According to Dr. Dre, “After years of breaking earbuds during his workouts, LeBron James teamed up with Dr. Dre in creating PowerBeats in-ear headphones: the only earphones to deliver premium sound on the court, in the gym or on the streets.”

Obviously, there are some great items at Kohl’s for holiday gifting for the man in your life.   Other items we loved included the Nike Athletic wear, the FitBit and the Nutri Bullet.  If you’re shopping for your husband, boyfriend, friend, brother of favorite male family member have a look at the Today’s Deals portion  of Kohl’s website.

If you’re worried about time,  Kohl’s now offers you the ability to shop online and pick-up in store, making last minute holiday shopping very easy.



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