Minimalist Chic: the Capsule Wallet

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Capsule Collection

A collection of Capsule Wallets, showing off the strap made for carrying cash.

Like many women, I sometimes struggle under the weight a good handbag with a good wallet inside.  My doctor has even told me several times to start paring down the items I am carrying inside my bag to put less strain on my back and my joints.  Finally, I found a solution.  The Minimalist Wallet from the Capsule Collection.  When I first saw this wallet, I thought it was an upgraded money clip for men. But, it’s a great compact wallet for either men and women.  The design of the Capsule Wallet takes a good 3 to 4 pounds off my handbag shoulder or wrist because it significantly lightens the weight of the handbag. 


A close up look at a black Capsule Wallet, showing the money strap and the inside pocket for credit cards. (photo via Capsule.) 

The Minimalist Wallet (pictured above) is just slightly bigger than the size of a credit card. It’s small strip of good quality leather with 2 card slots , one for credit cards, (inside slot) and one card slot for driver’s license or business cards. Flip it over, and the other side has a cash strap like a money card to carry some bills.  I am able to carry 3-4 credit cards in the inside slot of this wallet, and I have found that is really all I need.  I don’t carry more than 4 credit cards in the inside slot because I don’t want to stretch the leather of the wallet, because then it won’t hold the cards as tightly, if the leather stretches.

With my old wallet, there were slots of 10 cards, plus coins and when I filled all the card holders and packed it with coins, it was heavy and bulky. In contrast the Minimalist Wallet, even when full, is not bulky or heavy–it remains slim and lightweight.

Besides making my handbag lighter, the Capsule Collection has organized my bag so I can find things easily.  My handbag is no longer a bottomless black hole that even Jimmy Hoffa could disappear into.  Without a big wallet taking up all the space in the handbag, I can see at a glance where my lipstick, hair brush and cell phone are.  This little wallet is really an ingenious design. It’s actually the perfect wallet for inside an evening bag or clutch too, where there is limited space to begin with.

I must confess, at first, I thought this would not work for a women, but it does.  The Minimalist Wallet, created by Robert Sha comes in a variety of fashionable colors.  If you prefer no color, ie: “The Blackout” style, that is priced at $70.00 US.  The colored Capsule Wallets are priced from $70.00 to $85.00.  For the fashionista, there are gorgeous pinks,  blues and even gold lame colors to choose from.  The more upscale Lizard/Alligator wallets start at $185.00.

With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day coming soon, this compact, but very functional wallet, makes a great gift.

Please note, this wallet was given to me for the purpose of a product review by the designer, Robert Sha.  I am so glad they gave me this wallet, because it is probably not something that I would’ve found out about on my own and it’s a great discovery.  If you’re a busy working woman, trying not to carry excess baggage in your handbag, then this little wallet can be a lifesaver.  I am not paid to write this review, and this is my honest opinion of the Capsule Wallet.  The wallet is well priced and of good quality. I know what wallet is going with me on my business trips and to New York Fashion Week this year!


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