Mobile Shopping: Apple Slashes Prices on Previous iPhone Versions

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Yesterday, amid much hoopla and social media flurry, Apple announced version 5 of their iPhone.  iPhone users can now get excited about getting a new phone with lots of added features, like Siri the virtual assistant.  But what about those of us, like moi, who basically use the phone as a phone (novel concept), checking my apps and running a few searches from it as my primary use? Well, now may be the time to have a look at the iPhone 4 because Apple has just dropped the prices.  This always seems to happen with each new version, prices on the old versions drop.

A quick check of the Apple Store this morning shows that the iPhone 4 8G is now priced at $99 with a two-year contract. Meanwhile,  the 3GS is now free with a contract. Will the old phone be as quick as the new one? No, but you can still get the new operating system, iOS 5 to run on the device. I still have the iPhone 3G, not because I didn’t want the latest technology, but because the 3G could use the SIMS card from my Blackberry, whereas the 4G could not.  So I got the 3G for $49.95 so I could take all the contacts on my Blackberry SIMS and import them to the iPhone and then upload them to my iTunes, and then sync them back onto a new version of an iPhone.  Now I can use the iPhone 4 with my contacts.

I find the phone an important tool for getting the best deals via the shopping apps, search engines like Google & Bing and alerts I get from apps like Groupon. So, I am actually excited about getting the iPhone 4 now at a discount.  What do you think readers? Are you going to upgrade to version 5? Do you even have an iPhone yet?

PS: Since I wrote this, AT&T has written to inform me of this deal. “   iPhone 4S available on Friday, October 14 via AT&T online and in stores for a suggested retail price of $199.99 for the 16GB model, $299.99 for the 32GB model, and $399.99 for the 64GB model. AT&T customers can easily check upgrade eligibility and preorder today by visiting


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