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New York Fashion Week: Diane Von Furstenberg Shows Google Glasses on the Runway

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Pictured: Ms. Von Furstenberg wearing her Google Glasses at NYFW today (photo: M. Hall  via livestream)

If you attended the Spring 2013 Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF) show  in person or online, you might have noticed more than the fashions. I was surprised to see these very existential looking (or perhaps a better word would be extraterrestrial) glasses cruising down the runway. The strange looking spectacles appeared first on the models, and then on Ms. Von Furstenberg herself. If you saw the show, you may have noticed how DVF took a very long final walk around the Lincoln Center stage wearing the glasses, taking her time to seemingly film what she was experiencing via a small camera on the left side of the glasses.  The images she and others have captured at this New York Fashion Week were shown today on her Google Plus page.  Here’s how they looked:

Pictured: How the runway looked from the perspective of the models today via Google Glasses
(image via DVF Google+.)

As you can see, this isn’t exactly the photography of Dorothea Lange.   But, the Google Glasses do capture scenes like a documentary film maker might. The glasses film or document their subject from a unique perspective, that of the wearer. After Fashion Week the images will be compiled into a short film to be shown on the Google+ DVF page on Sept. 13th.  I’ll be interested to see the film  Meantime, the Google Glasses look like something right out of Star Trek.  Have you seen them ? Check these things out.  Not exactly the new fashion statement 🙂

Pictured: A DVF runway model with her color coordinated Google Glasses 
(image via DVF Google+.) 

Seriously, I thought maybe DVF was going to totter right off the Lincoln Center Stage when she was wearing them! At the end of the show she had two escorts helping her, one on either side, walk around the runway for her post show victory lap in the Google Glasses.  I’ve never seen any designer share their runway walk/wave with people other than their family/children.  But hey, that was before Google Glasses came to Fashion Week. #Staytuned.  


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