NYFW news: Kamali Kulture now available for pre-order

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Pictured: The Long Sleeve Black dress from Kamali Kulture (image via N Kamali)

Norma Kamali’s new budget fashion line called Kamali Kulture, is now available for pre-order online.  The designer is doing some smart pre-marketing in advance of her New York Fashion Week show next week on Feb. 15th. All the little black dresses will be available for order after the show, you don’t have to wait 6 months until the next fashion season for buyers to stock them.  Many of the styles will be familiar to shoppers of Kamali’s now extinct Walmart line, but I’m hoping that the manufacturing and fabrics will be of much higher quality.

Pictured: Kamali products are Made in the USA, including her top selling swimsuit. 

Ms. Kamali is one of the few designers that actually manufactures product in the United States.   According the to designer’s website, “KAMALIKULTURE is a collection of styles that are timeless and the exact opposite of what is fast fashion. Timeless style is what people with style use to create extraordinary looks that hold up to the test of time in any photo.” Each piece is priced at under $100.00 US. Although you can order now, orders won’t ship until Feb. 29th. What do you think readers?  I know some of you have been looking to order it now.


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