Oscar Style: The Elegance of Flowers

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Pictured: A floral bouquet that brings spring indoors with olive leaf, orange flower, honeysuckle and tea tree oil. (photo M. Hall) 

Part of the grandeur and beauty that will be created for the Oscars after party will be the gorgeous floral centerpieces that will be on every table at the Governor’s Ball. Oscar Party planner extraordinaire Cheryl Cecchetto tells me, “This year’s Governors Ball will be accentuated by elegant florals such as purple Lizzy-Anthus, Rothschild Orchids, aubergine rust Calla Lilies, and Clearwater Roses, to name a few.”  Check out the stunning color combinations in the picture below.

Pictured: Small floating vases of flowers can accent your home table as they will the Oscar party tables at the Governor’s Ball.

Cheryl recommends not only large centerpieces but also smaller floating flower arrangements, place in vases, to accent your table. Remember, you can buy flowers with damaged or bruised steams at a discount, and place just the flowers with a short steam into an elegant glass vase to float in water.  They look beautiful and look fabuless. Flowers not only add a touch of beauty, they actually stimulate your senses and bring nature into your home. New York florist Bella Meyer (granddaughter of  artist Marc Chagall) has actually been going out on the streets of New York to gift people with flowers on grey, dull days to stimulate their senses and bring a touch of beauty into their lives.  She calls her flowers a new form of street graffiti.

Floral arrangements and plants definitely can add a touch of nature that improves our daily routine and the way we live.  I know I am enjoying coming home after a stressful day and smelling the orange flowers and honeysuckle in my home.  It makes me want to open all my windows and bring the fresh air in.

Meanwhile, remember you can visit your local flower market to bring some simple elegance into your everyday surroundings. Governor’s Ball Event producer Cheryl Cecchetto advises, “For simple at home floral arrangements, create your own by visiting your local floral mart. You can be creative and make one large centerpiece, multiple small arrangements, or simply have florals throughout your home.”

 Pictured:  Governor’s Ball event producer, Cheryl Cecchetto, with some Oscar worthy floral treatments and goodies.

Remember, low flower arrangements allow you to see your guests best and carry on conversations without looking around too tall centerpieces.



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