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Phillip Lim for Target handbags: Will there be returns?

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The Phillip Lim for Target Black Cross Body Bag

Many readers have written in to ask if Target will restock the Phillip Lim handbags or if I know where they can get one for  a reasonable price.    Right now, Target has not revealed any plans to restock these bags as they did with their Mulberry for Target line.   However, right now there are over 500 listings for Phillip Lim for Target handbags on eBay.  Recently,  I asked a Target employee about the odds of getting one of those bags at Target at the Target price and she gave me a great tip.   “Stop by your local  Target stores 90 days after the collection launch date (Sept. 15), ” offered this employee. ” Not everyone will want to pay the inflated eBay prices and the eBayers typically return the bags at the 90 day return policy mark so they can get their money back when the items don’t sell. That’s what we saw happen with Missoni for Target. ”  So, mark your calendars shoppers, check back at Target say on December 15th or even a little earlier to see if those bags start trickling in as returns.  That’s a long time to wait, but I bet some returns will trickle in before the 90 day mark, closer to the 45 to 60 day mark if the bags don’t sell on eBay.  Limsanity will eventually fade and people won’t want to pay too much on eBay for these.  Just an educated guess.  Have you seen any returns yet readers?


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  1. Brenda

    October 3, 2013 at 4:37 pm

    I have not seen any returns, but great inside info. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Target-Addict

    October 4, 2013 at 3:21 pm

    Great tip! I personally returned one bag (the large black tote) after I finally got my online order of 2 medium size bags, but other than that, I haven’t seen any more bags in stock. I’m noticing that my local Target only has one rack of the clothing left BUT it is very packed and seems to be filled with a hodgepodge of items and sizes, so I think most of them are customer returns.