Product Review: Biaggi Luggage for Easy Travel

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Over a year ago, Biaggi luggage gifted me with one of their Contempo brand foldable luggage bags for travel.   Many of you may have seen these bags on Shark Tank and wonder are they worth the price? Well, the answer is yes, this is a great bag for travel. My bright orange Biaggi bag has held up well to rough handling by the airport baggage check, endured and recovered from stains and been lightweight to carry.

 Orange Biaggi Bag

My Orange Biaggi Bag- Foldable Spinner Upright

Last year I logged over 40,000 miles of airline travel including trips all over the US and trips to London and Dublin.  Throughout all my travels, my Biaggi Contempo fashion luggage has endured. I have used it both as a bag to pack clothing and a carry on computer bag.  Here’s why I give Biaggi 5 stars for creating a great travel bag:

  • Zipper Pulls: The zipper pulls on the bag are durable and sturdy.  I have had to replace zipper pulls and zippers on my Samsonite bags.   They have simply fallen off or broken during my many travels. Not so the Biaggi zipper pulls, they are holdup much better than the zipper pulls on my other bags.
  • Carry weight: The bag is lightweight, when full, it weighs less than my other carry on bags and pieces of luggage.  This makes it easier to lift up into the overhead bin or lug around busy crowded airports, where you can now expect that now one will help you will your bags unless they are placing them on the conveyor belt after check-in.
  • Easy stain clean-up:  The water resistant nylon fabric is easy to clean when strangers spill coffee or other beverages on your luggage. 🙂
  • Fabric grab handles : The carry straps make it easy to grip when you have to carry the bag when only stairs are available to board your plane.
  • Convenient zipper front pouch: The generous pocket/pouch on the front of the bag provides easy and secure storage for my medications, vitamins, snacks and computer gadgets.
  • Wheels: This goes with out saying, wheels help you tote your bag through busy spaces.
  • Cushioning on the sides helps to protect and insulate your valuables.
Biaggi bag

An outside and inside view of the Biaggi bag and its foldable feature.

Although the Biaggi Contempo Foldable 18″ 2 Wheel Fashion  bag was gifted to me by their PR agency, I am not paid by Biaggi to write this review.  The bag has served me well on over 30 business trips and a vacation to Europe.  The only issue I have experienced with the bag is it takes a little extra time to put the trolley handles (pop-up handles)  up and down because of the tiny hardware on the sides of the handle slider.   The bag does fold down for easy storage, but I have to confess this is not a feature that I take advantage of much, as I prefer to store the bag upright in my garage.

As I continue to rack up frequent flyer miles, I am considering buying a second Biaggi bag to have a matching set. That’s how good these bags are for travel! If you’re shopping this weekend, look for 30% off Biaggi bags on their website for Memorial Day weekend. To get the best prices by doing price comparisons look for Biaggi luggage for sale on Amazon .


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