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Recessionista in The White House: Michelle Obama Goes to Town

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First Lady & Recessionista Mrs. Obama in her under $150.00 USD Black & White Market Dress on “The View”


Like Longfellow Deeds, who in the midst of the Great Depression, went to town (NYC, not Washington) in Capra’s classic “Mr. Deeds Goes to Town” to bring about change, the Obamas have headed to Washington in the midst of the Recession. Like many Americans, I am hopeful that they will bring about the needed changes and reach out to working Americans just like the hero of Capra’s classic film did during the Depression. Tonight on the NBC Nightly News, they featured a report on Mrs. Obama and American fashion. As I’ve said before, I believe Michelle Obama is a Recessionista. I love how she publicly mentions the prices of some of the clothes she wears. After all, a good bargain is worth shouting about. She revealed on the Tonight Show that she had chosen J. Crew for her TV appearance rather a higher-priced designer. In another interview, she mentioned that she was wearing a $30.00 dress from the Gap. She has shown us that fashion can be affordable, accessible and very stylish. Tonight on the NBC Evening News the reporter posed the question ” Will Michelle Obama’s style habits have an impact on American designers and consumers?” To me, the answer is a resounding YES! Witness my own mother running out to Target to purchase the Thakoon trench coat. Now, my dear mother has never bought clothing at Target before in her life. But now, she feels like its okay, because they have the same designers that Michelle Obama wears. Also, she has been reading how Mrs. Obama shops at the Gap, H&M and other lower-priced stores and still looks terrific. So now, she’s willing to start checking out these new options. And don’t think she is alone in this thinking.
So what do I expect to see from the new first Lady? A mix of classic styles and a mix of the discount and the high-end. Like Jackie Kennedy with her three strand pearl necklace (costume jewelry) she will be adding her own classic touches to her everyday dressing. We’ll see everything from her classic sheath dress & pearls look, to taking the kids to school outfits to high-end couture at the Inaugural ball. Its exciting to see someone who obviously enjoys style make smart choices.



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