The Recessionista Reviews Fibi and Clo Cascade Sandals

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Flib & Clo Black Cascade

Fibi & Clo’s Black Cascade Sandals

Fibi and Clo’s Cascade sandals are some of the prettiest shoes I’ve seen.   They sparkle with a wrap around silver upper bejeweled with smoke stones. The sandals are elasticized in the heel to stay snuggly on.   I was gifted with a pair of the shoes at the IFB Blogger Conference back in Feb. 2013, but it’s taken me a while to write a review of them because of how the shoes fit.


The shoe fits: My new Fibi and Clo Casade Sandals.

Fibi and Clo gifted me with a size 8 M in these gorgeous shoes.  However, after wearing them one time, I discovered they were really not comfortable.   The shoes have a  snug fit.  It may be that they are designed to be snug in order to keep the belt that wraps around the side of the foot from slipping.  After talking to Fibi and Clo representative about this issue they confirmed that the shoe does indeed run small.  On the brand’s website, the description of the shoes states “This shoe fits small. If you are a half size we recommend sizing up.”   With that in mind, I asked if I could try the shoes in a size 9 M, one size up from my normal 8 M size.  Sizing up did the trick.   The shoes are much more comfortable in a larger side.

With the fit problem solved, I was able to enjoy walking around in the  Cascade Sandals.  They sandals are very distinctive with their side wrap-around bejeweled band.   Unlike most sandals, they don’t have a thong or a front wrap band to keep the shoes on.  So, the side band and the ankle band are designed to be extra secure to keep the shoes from slipping.  The shoes have a small heel, so they are really flats.  There is no real arch support in them, so be aware of that when you order.  Unfortunately, you can’t try these shoes on in a store. Fibi & Clo, sandals are designed in New York and sold online or at in-home trunk shoe shows and parties.

Since I live in California, I can enjoy these shoes virtually year round.   For readers from other parts of the country, these shoes can be  vacation/resort wear during the winter and great spring/summer wear in warmer months.   The shoes retail for $49.50 from Fibi and Clo.  Just remember to order them in a larger size for best results.

I’ve been wearing these shoes without adding nail polish to my toes to really let the smoke stones attract all the attention.  It’s a great way to save on pedicures.  These shoes dress up any outfit, as well as plain toes!   With these shoes you can let the jewels do all the talking.


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