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Reddit Announces Black Friday Shopping Network

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Reddit will offer their own shopping platform for fans

If you’re a Reddit fan, then you’ll be glad to know that Reddit is about to jump into the shopping game.  Our friends at The Hollywood Reporter have the scoop on Reddit’s new Holiday Shopping Network.  “Redditgifts, a gift-exchange program that spun off from a subreddit four years ago, will hold its first-ever livestream event, the Redditgifts Shopping Network, on Nov. 29, otherwise known as Black Friday,” notes  The Hollywood Reporter.  So what is driving Reddit to get into the Holiday spirit? 

Apparently, Reddit gifts is exponentially expanding their original idea of  gifting via information sharing.   A new Accenture study reports that consumers are more interested in Black Friday than ever before.  According to the Accenture study , consumers also plan to spend 11% more money during the 2013 Holiday shopping season compared to 2012. With consumer interest running high, this makes  it a great time for Reddit to launch the  Redditgifts Shopping Network.

Right now the Redditgifts shopping network is planned as a 1-hour livestream on Reddit’s YouTube channel as well as other online outlets.  The network plans to  feature demos of products (available at as well as comedy segments and on-air AMAs, reddit’s popular ask-anything sessions with celebrities and other notable personalities.  Watch this space (Madonna just did a reddit AMA.)   To me, this is a fascinating interaction of social media and online shopping.  I really can’t wait to see how this turns out and how it will impact Black Friday shopping.  How many of you use reddit or have been on redditgifts?  If  you haven’t checked it out, take a look.  Right now is full of Halloween costume items and novelty specialties trinkets like Pumpkin Pasties lip balm. #Intriguing.


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