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My Favorite Shoes for Walking: The Ryka Women’s Radiant Plus Walking Shoes

Last summer I decided to start a fitness program.  I generally swim, but I wanted to start doing more walking to work different muscle groups. Coincidentally, Ryka offered me a pair of their shoes for review and I jumped at the chance.   For the last few months, I’m been taking walks in my Ryka Radiant Plus Walking Shoes. I own athletic shoes from Puma, Avia and Reebok, but I can truthfully say that I prefer the Ryka Radiant Plus shoes for walking in comfort.   I also own one pair of walking shoes, with a heel designed to be lower than the rest of the shoe sole– his is a shoe that my podiatrist asked me to please stop wearing.  That made the switch to the Ryka Radiant Plus Walking Shoes a welcome change.   The design of the shoes is extremely comfortable and they are made for women, uniquely designed for the feminine foot shape, muscle movement, and skeletal structure.  Priced under $70.00, the shoes have won many awards, including the “Best For Walking Workouts” award by Shape magazine.  Here’s a few reasons these shoes offer excellent support and foot comfort.


Why Ryka Radiant Walking Shoes feel so good: Plenty of cushioning & breathable mesh (via Barking Dog Shoes)

In 2012, I had surgery on my left foot to remove bone spurs caused by arthritis.  When I recovered from the surgery, it wasn’t immediately comfortable for me to go walking, but as I recovered, and my foot was less swollen, walking became a part of my recovery.  However, as any athlete knows, or any women who has suffered at the hands of cruel fashion shoes knows, when you exercise or walk, you want a really well made, quality shoe.  After my foot surgery, cheap shoes are no longer something that I want in my fashion closet or on my feet.

As I learned through my surgery and recovery, feet are so important and they take such a beating from the body as they are the pressure point for everything. Since my surgery, I’ve tried a wide variety of athletic shoes in an effort to find the perfect supportive shoe.  The Ryka Radiant Plus Walking Shoe is a shoe that fits the bill.  Designed for women, the shoes have a narrower heel, roomier forefoot and increased in-step volume.   They also have a significant amount of cushioning inside the shoe, via Ryka’s trademarked cushioning “Precise-Return” insole.    The cushioning and special heel design is something I appreciate, as the bone spurs I had removed were in my heel, and that is still a tender area for me.   Because of the cushioning and memory foam, I find the Rykas comfortable whether hiking, or taking a short walk.  For whatever amount of time I am are on my feet,  I find the the Ryka Walking Shoes make it easy for my feet to take the pressure.  They also cushion your feet from hard surfaces.  For someone like me, with sensitive feet and arthritis, these shoes make walking comfortable-especially if you like to walk outside on uneven sidewalk. As with any fitness routine, you have to do the work and get out and to the workout, but I found that the Ryka Radiant Plus Walking Shoes made my walking workout much more enjoyable.

One special feature of the Radiant Plus Walking Shoes is the RE-ZORB technology in the shoes.  This is a proprietary foam compound engineered for exceptional cushioning and comfort.   It’s like a smooth ride in a luxury car when you put on these shoes because the special padding, foam and the design of the shoes  insulates your feet.

Since I got my Ryka’s and started my diet and fitness program, I’ve lost over 20 pounds. That’s not exclusively due to the shoes, but incorporating walking into my fitness program has definitely helped me to achieve my goals.   If fitness is one of your New Year’s resolutions, check out these affordable,  lightweight and supportive  shoes.  Please note, I’m not a spokesperson for Ryka and I was not paid to write this review.  I’m just a consumer looking for comfortable and affordable walking shoes that are good for my feet.  Look for Ryka Radiant Plus walking shoes on sale at Kohl’s, Zappos   and Amazon.   To get the best deal, be sure and do a price comparison or search for a coupon with Google to get the best deal on these walking shoes.

What do you think readers? Have any of you ever tried Ryka Walking Shoes?  If so, leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!


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