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Saje Wellness Opens in Venice Beach, California

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Canadian natural wellness chain Saje Wellness has opened a beautiful store full of terrific homeopathic remedies for mind, body and spirit near Venice Beach. I had the pleasure of attending the Saje Wellness store opening in Venice, California on Abbott Kinney.  The new Saje Wellness store is full of great products and knowledgeable personnel who can thoroughly describe the benefits of the Saje products and their remedies.  I walked away from the opening with quite a few products that I have been actively using since visiting the store, and these were not just gifts or product trials. I was so impressed with the natural wellness essentials oils that I spent over $80.00 stocking up. After trying the products for the last two weeks, I can say the Saje Wellness essential oils are effective and gentle.

Diffusers in the Saje Wellness store

The display of diffusers in the Saje Wellness store on Abbott Kinney in Venice, California

Jean-Pierre LeBlanc founded Saje Wellness in 1992.  Following a car accident Mr. LeBlanc found himself in constant pain and he was uncomfortable with the medications his doctors prescribed for him and their side effects.   He started looking at natural ingredients and essential oils to relieve his pain.   Equipped with a background in chemistry, Mr. LeBlanc started experimenting with natural ingredients and developed his own oil blends for pain relief and natural healing.  These original blends are now available at Saje Wellness stores and online via the Saje Wellness website.  The products are products are free of parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic colors and artificial fragrances.    The Saje products are derived from sustainably sourced and naturally beneficial flowers, fruits, leaves and trees.

Peppermint Halo oil from Saje Wellness

The Peppermint Halo oil from Saje Wellness provides relief from neck & shoulder pain as well as headaches.

I’ve been enjoying trying the Peppermint Halo oil to relive headaches and body aches.  The Peppermint Halo oil contains peppermint, lavender and rosemary oils that are uniquely calming.  Depending on your individual body chemistry, you’ll experience either a sensation of cooling or warmth when you apply this oil.

 Saje Wellness pocket farmacy kit

The Saje Wellness pocket farmacy kit continues a selection for essentials oils for pain,headaches and other ills.

I also purchased the pocket farmacy kit with essential oils in mini roll-on sizes perfect for travel for pain relief and calming.   As a frequent traveler, this is a great way to treat yourself well and relieve the stress of travel.

Saje Wellness also sells diffusers, skincare products, soaps, natural deodorants  and lotions.  You can try samples of the products at the Saje Wellness store in Venice, California and also get input from the staff on which products might work best for you.  If you’re interested in alternative remedies without harmful side effects, I recommend checking out Saje Wellness.



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