The Shoe Stimulus Package: Special Sales for the Shoe-a-holic

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Pictured: The Hayden-Harnett shoe sale and special order code: “shoe me”

Shoes are something I haven’t really talked about a lot on the blog. That’s because I’m very picky about my shoes. After all, they must not only be fashionable but comfortable for walking. That’s why I have to give a special shout out to the Hayden-Harnett shoe sale. These are good quality shoes with styles in flats, heels and boots. The sale is on from now until the “ides” of March, that is March 15th. Use the special code “shoe me” to get an extra 25% off.

Recently, I scored one of the best pairs of shoes in the world at The Yellow Brick Road Consignment Store in Carmel, CA. This store is such a treasure trove. I just picked up a wonderful and well cared for pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes at the store. The previous owner obviously cared for these with love.

Pictured: A consignment store treasure, navy Salvatore Ferragamo pumps.

Pictured: The price is right: classic navy Salvatore Ferragamo pumps “pre-owned” for $14.00 US.

These shoes feature heel taps and front “plates” which kept the soles in like new condition. Remember Recessionistas, if you care for your shoes, you can extend their life (it helps if they are good shoes like Ferragamo, don’t try this on synthetic leather.)

So here are a few simple shoe tips :

1) Shop a great sale like Hayden-Harnett and then double dip with a coupon code. Also, watch for Hayden to go on sale at Target soon, since they are officially departing mid-March.

2) Where ever you are in the world, look for good shoe deals at upscale consignment stores near you. Run a Google search in your area to find them, then check their reviews online with a source like Yelp!


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