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Shopping for the Recession-NIECE-sta: Children’s Clothes

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Pictured: Children’s Sales for Mimi & Maggie and NEST for Jan 6th & 7th, 2008 at HauteLook

Over the holiday season, my little 8 year old niece reminded me that she also loves fashion. As we munched on a few homemade cookies together, she looked at me straight faced and said, “Aunt Mary, if you are the Recessionista, then I am the Recession-Niece-sta.” How smart is this child? I am still in awe of her little play on words. But then I thought about it, and I had to acknowledge the truth of her statement. She is an extremely fashionable little girl (think Kitt Kittridge type looks) and due to the great shopping skills of her family members, her fashions are always purchased at a reduced price. So how does one shop wisely if they have a Recession-NIECE-sta or a fashionable child in the family?

Here are a few tips for frugal fashion finds for little ones:

1) H&M. I buy alot of the kids clothes there. They are so reasonably priced AND they are age appropriate.

2) eBay: I have purchased many nice Lily Pulitzer dresses for the Recession-Niece-sta there at deep reductions. Also, some sellers only sell children’s clothes.

3) Kohl’s : Very cute little kids outfits and there is literally always a sale or a coupon to be found to make the prices drop below retail. For my nephew, we always buy alot of Green Dog stuff at Macy’s. The prices are unbeatable for boys wear.

4) Shopping Clubs: I’ve been buying her some great fashions lately at online shopping clubs. Today is the Gilt Groupe’s Lucy Sykes sale. We’ve been waiting for this one. Alot of the little girls dresses are $20.00 to $30.00 US. I’ve already bought her a New Year’s Lucy Sykes dress. She loves to have unique stuff like that to wear to school or out on her social events. HauteLook has also been featuring kids’ clothing. Two weeks ago I bought the Recession-Niece-sta an adorable Baby Lu-Lu dress for about $20.00. This week they will feature Mimi & Maggie plus NEST. Click here if you want to join to check these out.

Pictured: Lucy Sykes Girl’s fashions on the Gilt Groupe on sale until Jan. 5th

5) And finally, there are some great sample sales to be found for children! Last year, I got her a great children’s coat over at sample sale in West Hollywood. It was about $40.00 and a truly great value. She’s still wearing it. I check Google every so often to get kids sample sales updates.

I’m off to call the Recession-Niece-sta now to see what she is doing on this fine Saturday. Probably playing with her new Project Runway fashion kits (yes, they make these for kids now!) or her “Spa Factory”. It really is a whole new generation 🙂


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