Simple Pleasures: A Soothing Bubble Bath and Some Great Music!

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Pictured: Bath & Body’s Sweet Pea Shower Gel

Lately, I have to admit, I’ve been feeling a “might glum.” Sunday I had to force myself to sit down and pay all my holiday gift bills. Fortunately, due to my fervent bargain hunting, the bills were actually not that bad. Yay me! I wanted to treat myself to something luxurious, but I did not want to spend lots of money to have some comfort. That’s when I decided to treat myself to a soothing bubble bath using some life saving “Sweet Pea” bath & shower gel from the Bath & Body Works. I have to say, I forgot what a guilty pleasure a nice bath is. Lately, I’m always rushing around and jumping in and out of the shower. Often times, its the shower at my gym, that I use the most. I always remember when I used to go visit my great Auntie in Massachusetts. She’d always say, “Why don’t you just relax, and have a soak? “. I love the expression ” a soak. ” So my Recessionista tip du jour is to treat yourself to a nice, long soak with some bubbles. Its truly a cheap and cheerful delight. This week is the big semi-annual Bath & Bady Works sale online and in the stores. Most of the prices have been cut at least 50%. The bottle of Sweat Pea bath gel that I enjoyed costs $5.00 USD. Some of my other favorites also on the sale are Lime Verbena, Mango Mandarin, and the Pomegranate. As each day brings stressful economic news, it helps to have these survival tools on hand.

If you are reading from outside the US and don’t have a Bath & Body to enjoy, check out Boots products. I’m a big fan of their Bergamot Shower gel. Bergamot is the super soothing, citrus scent in Earl and Lady Grey teas. Its extremely fragrant and relaxing. Also, check the Body Shop’s annual sale. Their products are available globally in the UK, US, Canada Japan, Korea, Australia, France, Switzerland and more. Just check their website.
Pictured :The Body Shop’s Annual sale is on now. Little treats at reasonable prices to lift your spirits.

Their ginger body scrub and peach shower gel are special favorites of mine. Right now, if you order online, you’ll enjoy free standard delivery on all orders. That’s pretty attractive during the cold weather season!

Finally, Perricone MD is having some winter specials you might want to check out if you still have some Xmas $$$.

And there’s nothing better than lighting a few candles and turning on some great music while you’re relaxing. If you haven’t downloaded Edna P. Guinan’s Recessionista Mix you need to check it out! Also, is offering a free download of David Foster’s America’s Song written for the Inauguration. And be sure and check out all the great music from this week’s Inaugural concert on YouTube. Its inspiring.
And the price is right. Its free.


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