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Sponsored Post: Shopping with Serve from American Express

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As an American Express Card member  trying to “serve” up content from New York Fashion Week and also work on various family issues that involve considerable expense it is only fitting that I have accepted the evaluation of a new Amex product. I have accepted a plum assignment of evaluating Serve from American Express.   I don’t know how many of you have heard about Serve  from American Express, but this is a service where you can send money to relatives,  friends or vendors to buy things. Serve allows members to send and receive money quickly and make purchases online, offline and via mobile. Serve is accepted everywhere American Express is (in the United States), with 24/7 customer service and no fees. If you’re a PayPal user you may be thinking this sounds very familiar.

Here’s how it works. To get started, you open a Serve account online, then you load the account with a limited  (or unlimited) amount of cash from a credit card or bank account. Serve can help you stay within a specific budget by controlling the amount you load on your account.  When you exceed your budget, you can no longer spend until you reload the card.

Pictured: Sign up for Serve by Sept. 30th and get $25.00 when you add $25.00 to your account. 

Today I took advantage of a special offer to start a Serve account.  If you open a Serve account and add $25.00 to it, you will get  $25.00 as a free bonus to join. That means you start off with $50.00 in your account.   To sign up, do so by clicking here on the promo link to get the free $25.00 credit added to your account.   This special offer is made available via  Serve & Verizon and is available until Sept. 30th. You don’t need to be a Verizon customer to be take advantage of the extra incentive of the $25.00 added to your card. After you sign up, you should received your hard copy Serve card in the mail / You can then use the card to shop in store, as you would any credit card.

So stayed tuned for a giveaway for my readers to go shopping with Serve plus my evaluation. I’m an eBay shopper used to using PayPal, so I am looking forward to test driving Serve. I’ve heard you can load all kinds of gift cards onto Serve so you can aggregate your funds, so that is one thing I am excited to try.  Please note that even though I am getting money to review the card and shop, this will be a truthful evaluation.  I want to really share the pros and cons of using the card.  Look for The Recessionista’s evaluation coming soon, along with a giveaway!


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