Summer Sandals: Dr. Scholl’s for J. Crew

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Scholls_ JCREW

J. Crew is launching a limited-edition series of Dr. Scholl’s sandals for summer.

J.Crew has launched a limited edition collection of Dr. Scholl’s sandals in a four-pattern fabric collection featuring plaid, white….and wait for it “hologram glitter.” WTF you say? Yes, what exactly is hologram glitter and why is it meeting the iconic Dr. Scholl sandal? Well to liven up the shoes first launched by Dr. William Scholl in 1959.  The  J. Crew Dr. Scholl sandals start at $98.00 US retail and are a bit more pricey than competing versions of the Dr. Scholl’s brand at Macy’s which retails for less than $60.00.   The J. Crew Dr. Scholl’s collection seems to be a hit judging by reader reviews on the J. Crew website, although some consumers note that they are uncomfortable until “broken in” just like the originals.  The plaid Dr. Scholl for J. Crew sandals seem to be the most popular online and are almost sold out online.


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