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In addition to the perfect swimsuit, beach totes and vacation spots, I have been getting a fair amount of reader mail about perfume. Alot of readers are wondering about where they can buy their favorite scents for less. As we all know, designer perfumes can be pricey. I can only tell you what I have found for discounts for the scents that I love. I am very picky about my perfumes, and I like a light touch. I don’t want anything overpowering that will clear rooms or announce my prescence long before I actually make an appearance. Haven’t we all suffered at one time or another from smelling a perfume that just “reeks”, yet the wearer loves to spray it all over themselves several times a day? Hopefully, this post will give you some cheap and cheerful ideas for summer scents and help you to dissaude some of your perfuma-holic friends from making bad choices. Remember to try the tester before you buy. And check the prices on those testers. I like to try the scents at upscale shops and then buy them at better prices. Sneaky perhaps, but it does help, my budget. So here are my favorites:

Feragamo’s Tuscan Soul

This is a VERY light, citrus scent. Perfect for the summer. The perfume has notes of bergamot and petit grain lemon. If you can’t afford to take an Italian vacation this year, conjure up the next best thing with this sunny scent reminiscent of Tuscany. It can be bought for 21% less than it is sold for at Fergamo at this Perfume website (or on eBay!). This week Feragomo is having a sale, so you might check to see if they have discounted this one yet. It’s quite a refreshing summer surprise.

Petite Cherie Annick Goutal

This light scent smells like PEARS. I fell in love with it at Nordie’s. It’s so very unique, and never overpowering. It’s another scent that can be worn all day in the heat of summer to keep you cool. However, I don’t buy this for the retail price of $80.00. I’ve been buying it on eBay for $49.99. It also sells on for $38.00. That’s over 50% off.

Jo Malone

My final favorite is Jo Malone London. It retails for about $90.00 at high-end stores like Saks. It’s not offered for much less on their website, but if you purchase from Jo you receive complimentary samples of 2 fragrances plus free shipping. My favorites are the Orange Blossom and the Lime Basil. Everyone now and then, I treat myself to these. I shop for them on eBay, but haven’t had alot of success there.

What is your favorite summer scent? And where do you look for it for less? Let The Recessionista know by posting a comment.


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