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Technology Buzz: Google Glass Ignites Twitter Conversation

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Google Glasses Style -- Inspired by Shopping

Google Glass has been trending for the last two days on Twitter. So what’s all the buzz about?  Let’s discuss.  I first covered Google Glass when Diane Von Furstenburg used them in her New York Fashion Week show.   Now it is rumored that Google is bringing the Glasses to the Masses 🙂 by partnering with eyewear maker Warby Parker to make fashionable frames for the glasses.   After all the glasses could use a bit of a face lift to make them fashionable.  They look a bit like Sci-fi wear in their current form, although their functionality has the cool factor, their design may not.   Google Glass lets the wearer access the Internet and connect to Bluetooth or their cell phone.   The camera on the Glass also let’s users take pictures or record video ( just like you could do with your phone.)   Online marketplace Shopping is showing off some frames  (see above) that are inspired by Google Glass to give fashionistas some ideas of how the technology and fashion could work together.

That’s a timely idea since Google is running a contest until Feb. 27th offering interested tech fans to chance to become a “Glass Explorer” and pre-order a pair of the glasses.  If you want  a pair,  you have until February 27 to write a Google Plus or Twitter post with the hashtag #ifihadglass. The post should be no more than 50 words letting Google know what you would do if you had a pair of Google Glasses. If Google picks you, that doesn’t mean you get a pair of free Google Glasses.  Oh no, you just get to pre-order them and pay $1,500.00 for them. To see entries that others have posted, check out this Forbes article.

What do you think readers? Are you jonesing for a pair of the glasses do you think that your Smartphone, Android, iPhone or Windows Phone or tablet gives you enough mobile technology? I’ll be interested to see how may entries Google collects.


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