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LILLY-for-Target furniture

Items from the Lilly for Target collection including patio umbrellas and a  hammock

The launch of  Lilly for Target sent shoppers scrambling today as if it was the running of the bulls in Pamplona!  Last night the rush to buy crashed the Target website.  At about 3 am  EST last night, he collection sold out in a mere matter of minutes and then the website  crashed and went offline.  Needless to say, there are many disappointed Target shoppers today.  So with all the hype and anticipation, how good is this collection really and should some of you be prowling eBay to buy items? As with all Target collaborations, Lilly for Target is a mixed bag of the good, bad and fugly, although there is plenty to love in this collection and I do think Target did an excellent job delivering a product that was authentic Lilly Pulitzer. Here’s what I think you should look for at your local store today or in a few days when returns start coming in.  Yes, there will be returns in 14 days when things don’t sell for greatly inflated prices on eBay or people get their website orders that they don’t like, or don’t fit.

LILLY_for_target dress

Up close look at the Lilly for Target Fan Print Dress

First let’s talk about the apparel.  Target did a great job reproducing the slim fitted shift dresses that  the brand become known for and that Jackie Kennedy famously wore to church in Palm Beach, Fl in the 1960’s causing a sensation.   The dresses are in pique, polyester blends and  one is even linen with nice details like lining, exposed zippers and neckline and back trim around the scoop neck.  The unique Lilly for Target prints like Nosie Posie are really attractive.   I liked the dresses, the halter tops in chiffon, the rompers and the maxi dresses I saw.  The swimsuits also looked good.  Here’s what you need to be aware of, whether you buy Lilly Pulitzer or Lilly for Target.   The prints are loud.  The style (slim cut in the hips and bust for shift dresses) and colorful prints will not look good on everyone.  I tried on several of the sleeveless shift dresses at my local Target this morning, and I didn’t like any of them on me.  I wasn’t allow in that opinion.  As one women in the dressing room next to me shrieked after trying on the cute shift dress in the Fan Print, “This dress make me look ginormous.”   Just like the regular Lilly Pulitzer line, you have to be ok with wearing these bright prints, because there is nothing subtle or subdued about Lilly Pulitzer.  You will stand out and the big,bright  prints will not be flattering on everyone.   All the shift dresses are quite short too, they are not just above the knee , they are just below the thigh.   Although the fabrication says there is 2% spandex in some of the shift dresses, there is not much give in these pieces, so I found sizing up one size from my normal size give a better fit on the short shift dresses. Sadly, the shift dresses are something that should be tried on before purchasing, and most shoppers won’t’ get a chance to do that now.  There was no limit on the amount of Lilly for Target items that shoppers could buy and I saw people hoarding and buying carts of the stuff.  Based on what I saw today, it seemed that Target didn’t have enough to restock their shelves after shoppers took all they could.


An up close look at some of the details on the Lilly for Target apparel

For Lily for Target garments that will have a better fit for all body types whether curvy or slim hipped or slim busted, I liked the halter tops, the satin flounce top dresses , the strapless maxi dress ( I bought that item) , the jumpsuits and the eyelet coverup in Navy (fit was great, but I put it back to stay on budget.)   These pieces are all under $35.00 and they look just as good as the more expensive Lilly Pulitzer brand apparel.  The swimsuits also looked quite good, as with most Target swimsuits, they won’t last a long time I am sure, but you’ll get a season of wear out of them.

Lilly_for _Target_Sandals

Lilly for Target gold sandals in pineapple

There are flip flops that go with the collection, but to me, these were one of the poorer quality items and I don’t recommend them.  I tried on a pair of the slip on sandals with the pineapple decorations and for my high arches, they just were not comfortable.  For $30.00, those are not worth your money and in my opinion neither are the flip flops.  They are just not particularly well made.  There is zero support for your feet in any of the Lilly for Target sandals.  Please don’t pay inflated eBay prices for these because they look cute!

LillyPulitzer_for_ Target

Prints from the Lily for Target collection displayed on napkins (Photo: Lilly Pulitzer for Target)

A with Target’s previous collaborations with Missoni and Liberty, there are plenty of housewares, plates, cocktail glasses, coffee cups (really pretty), napkins (loved them) , pillows ( I bought some) and even wine bottle toppers with corkscrews.  I think all these items were great looking for summer entertaining.

Lilly_for_Target_ Housewares

The Lilly for Target accessories and housewares at my local Target store. These are all great looking.

The furniture items like the chairs, green bamboo leaf bean bag ottoman, hammocks and umbrellas were good looking,but I am not sure how long they will last.  These are not investment pieces, just know that.  I would say, don’t pay inflated prices for any of this stuff on eBay.  The furniture items were not moving as quickly today off the sale racks, so you might still have time to find some in-store.


Up close look at the Lilly for Target beach chair with Nosie Posie print.

The girl’s apparel is really cute in all the Lilly for Target prints. There were also some cute Lilly for Target bermuda bags that could be carried by women, not just girls.


A look at the Lilly for Target girl’s collection.

One of my favorite parts of the collection, and one I think IS a best value, are the Lilly for Target handbags and clutches.  Hunt for these are your local store  all this week, because they are well worth the while and the price.  I got the Lilly for Target Belladonna Tote for the gym and shopping for just $15.00!


My personal favorite from the collection & a best value: Lilly Pulitzer for Target Women’s Embroidered Clutch -Nosie Posey

My favorite piece in the collection, and I think the one that is best priced, is the $24.00 Lilly Pulitzer for Target Women’s Embroidered Clutch in the Nosie Posey print. I also bought the beach carry bag in the same print.  This is a beautiful little bag you can carry as a clutch or a shoulder bag using the little gold chain that is removable and neatly fits inside.  The bag is made from 100% cotton minaudière with an embroidered finish and  snap closure.  The hardware tag on the outside just says “Lilly Pulitzer” so no one will know you got it at Target.  The Round top make-up bags (look in the beauty aisle) are just $9.99 .   I never saw any of the weekender bags for $50.00 at my local Target although I was there when the doors opened. I’m not sure those were ever stocked at my Target store.  The collection also features jewelry and hair accessories.  I bought a Lilly for Target headwrap in Nosie Posie and a charm bracelet with sea shells and charms for just $20.00.  I don’t think these items are of great quality, but they are charming and not overpriced for what they are.



The Lilly Pulitzer for Target Collection Included Beauty Products from Essie & L’Oreal and make-up bags

One final surprise in this collection are the Lilly Pulitzer for Target Essie Nail Polishes ($.8.49)  and L’Oreal Lipsticks (approx $7.99).  I was surprised to see these in the beauty aisle today.  They are in bright pinks and cool summer colors that go with the clothing in the collection.  All are inexpensively priced.  I didn’t buy any of those because I have many Essie polishes and L’Oreal Lipsticks,just not with Lilly Pulitzer branding on them, so to me these are not a must have.



My Lilly for Target shopping haul: Dress, Handbags, Headband & Pillow all in Nosie Posie.

Overall, there’s a lot to love about Lilly for Target.  It’s just sad that some many were able to overbuy and hoard items, that will later be resold.  As I said , with the dresses you really need to have the opportunity to try them on. Like any designer collection,so styles and prints won’t suit every body type, so impulse buying may not bring shoppers the best results.  I put many items back because I know I have better more, flattering designer clothes in my closet for summer resort wear.   I spent $147.00 on items from on Lilly for Target  and that included 2 handbags, 1 dress, 1 pillow, 1 headband and 1 bracelet.  I saved 5% using my Target Red Card and stuck to my budget of $150.00 for these items thanks to a little financial planning I did the night before with my MOVEN app on my phone.  Seeing how much I had in my bank account and how many bills I still have to pay gave me the strength to buy only what I really wanted and what fit well at Lilly for Target.

I hope Target restocks Lilly for Target this week.  Readers,if you’re still lusting for your Lilly for Target items, then take a look at regular Lilly Pulitzer items or at TJ Maxx where I occasionally see Lilly dress on sale.  If you have any questions about the collection, please leave a comment and I will try to answer promptly. I hate to see any of you paying inflated eBay prices.  Already, there are almost 500 Lilly for Target items on sale at eBay for way more than the Target retail prices.



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