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Prabal Gurung for Target Highlights

Prabal Gurung for Target Highlights

I wanted to love this collection, but sadly, I can not. Prabal Gurung for Target is not a lower priced version of the designer’s clothes that Mrs. Obama wears.  It’s not the same type of designs that you see on sale by Prabal Gurung at Saks Fifth Avenue. The Prabal Gurung for Target collection is a strange perversion of the designer’s upscale line. The fit is poor and the prints are fugly. In short this is a hot, overpriced mess.  I was disappointed in this collection after inspecting it in person at a Target store.   I wanted to love this one, because I like Prabal Gurung.  But this is just not something I can embrace.  For the quality and the price, it’s simply not worth the money.  The  “First Date” print on the sweatshirts,  dresses and tops is just way too loud for my tastes (see above right side of collage.)  The print is overpowering, you don’t wear it , it wears you.

The dresses are not as pictured in the ads.  The ruffle sulphur dress ( excuse me, it’s more pee yellow) has serge stitching all over the ruffles and is a flimsy polyester.   For $39.99, there are more attractive dresses that you can buy with better fabric and construction.   My teenage niece (who weighs a mere 92 lbs) was originally excited to try on the Full Skirt -Apple Red dress, but didn’t like it once she had it on.  She thought the synthetic fabric looked cheap and that it made her look two sizes bigger that she is.  I had the same problem with the dress.  It’s just not flattering because the skirt is so wide that is adds too much weight to your figure.  I like the design of the back of the dress with the black panels on the red (see above picture on left) , but it’s not enough to make this a must buy,  especially for the price of $49.99/ $50.00 US.

The black and white “Meet the Parents” print on various tops and prints in the collection just looks dowdy and non descript   There’s nothing special about it.  That might be ok if you were buying something from Old Navy, but this is supposed to be Prabal Gurung! With a designer name like that on the label, even if it is for Target, consumers expect a bit more.

Prabal Gurung for Target shoes & bags

Prabal Gurung for Target shoes & bags

To me, the best looking pieces in the collection are the shoes.  The heels are quite good looking.  I particularly like the  wedge sandals with the zipper up the back.   Those look much less expensive than their $29.99 price tag.   The pointed toe flats and pumps with the colorful stripes are also good looking for inexpensive trendy shoes.  The jewelry is a mixed bag.  The flower necklaces and earrings are cute, the crystal teardrop pendants, necklaces and earrings are not ” must haves”  in my opinion.  The clutch handbags are cute and have straps you can put on to carry them on your shoulder.   My favorite was the black lace covered clutch, but it’s hardly a bargain at $35.00.  Also, I don’t know if it’s a wise purchase, as one Target reviewer noted, it smells of a strong ”  formaldehyde odor.”  Who wants that?    As for the other bags,  I didn’t care for the Nolita print  tote or clutch.  They are not good looking.

I wish I could be more positive about this collection because Prabal Gurung is a very talented designer.  I don’t think this collection is representative of his work and I think there are better quality fashions available at other retailers.   I’m so glad I didn’t leave New York Fashion Week and go shopping at Target on Sunday morning!   For me, this is a pass.   What do you think readers? Were you loving this one, or leaving it on the racks?  Right now there are 3,114 listing on eBay for Prabal Gurung for Target items.   I don’t see many bids on them. I predict returns to the store, then perhaps a sale.  Perhaps there’s a message here for Target if they want to listen: do fewer designer collections, and improve the quality of the ones that you do market.

PS: My fellow blogger Target Addict gave this collection a lukewarm review as well.  I agree with her that the Prabal Gurung for Target evening bag from the Holiday collection was cuter and a better value at the clearance price of $14.99.


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