Topshop and Nordstrom Launch Emoji App for London Fashion Week

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Topshop at Nordstrom Emoji Keyboard App (PRNewsFoto/Nordstrom, Inc.)

If you love fashion, social media and emojis, here’s some good news.  Topshop and Nordstrom  have announced plans to launch a co-branded emoji keyboard app featuring fashion and lifestyle emojis, stickers and GIFs resembling actual Topshop product sold at Nordstrom.  The emojis  launched on September 18 to co-incide with Topshop UNIQUE’s London Fashion Week show.  To celebrate Topshop UNIQUE’s runway show, seven apparel emojis will launch featuring styles from the catwalk collection. All the cute illustrations were created by Los Angeles-based artist, Natasha Lillipore.


Emojis from the Topshop-Nordstrom app show the recent London Fashion Week collection from Topshop.

The emoji keyboard app keyboard will launch with 95 emojis and nine GIFs including a Topshop jacket, floral purse, Topshop Beauty lipsticks, shopping bags, a variety of phrases, faces, drinks and more.  These can be shared on social networks, WhatsApp and via text messages.  The keyboard is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes and Google Play App Store until February 28, 2017. Stay tuned for more emojis to come–our spies tell us there is a holiday emoji refresh is coming for later this year.

If you’re a Topshop lover, check out current Topshop UNIQUE items at Nordstrom, including summer clearance items.  To see the latest from Topshop at London Fashion Week, see the fashions online from the Topshop Unique collection at Nordstrom.


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